Webster Tarpley On Ukraine, World War 3, And Israel


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  1. Luigi M says:

    The interviewer sounds like he needs a gallon of strong coffee…

  2. he is incorrect on the israel-palestine/arab conflict. his proposed solution wouldn't work. been tried. he underestimates religious extremism. he also did not mention the now obvious help from the cia/us to destabilize the whole region. He turned to the left narrative compared to his earlier videos from 6 years ago.

  3. Joe Biliello says:

    I love Webster, he has great vision and is a humanitarian, but its a shame that in a world full of wicked, evil hearted greedy people, none of his obvious solutions to the human condition will ever come to fruition……. But I guess its nice to dream. The only changes that have ever occurred down through time have happened at the end of a sword.

  4. I wonder if Hamas was created by the Israelis to make a genocide look like a war.

  5. John T says:

    Historian my ass.

  6. I don't think his comments about Sergey Taruta are correct. Ukraine’s Industrial Union of the Donbass (ISD) pumped millions into a sinking ship (yard). I don't think it worked out at all well for him and he also lost his major stake hold in ISD when Viktor Yanukovich was voted in, dropping out of the Forbes billionaire list in 2009

  7. DrMic says:

    I know firsthand the Baltics (Elstonia, Latvia and Lithuania) well enough, and they are nothing like the half-failed crackpot regimes he claims. Of course there is strong resentment against and mistrust towards Russia over there, there are very compelling historical reasons for that from the Soviet times! Same for Czechoslovakia: if the CIA was really behind its split into Czech Rep. and Slovakia, then thumbs up to them for once… never met a Czeck nor a Slovak who isn't happy about that split. I'm not informed enough on some of the other regions he is discussing, but I'm left doubting this guy always knows what he is talking about. Which is a pity because I believe he is entirely correct about Libya for instance. By the way, I'm not from any of those countries so I don't think I'm biased either way myself.

  8. Grey Wolfe says:

    He's a very intelligent man but people don't like him because he's a National Socialist…so what?

  9. Ray Douglas says:

    Since when did a war of liberation become a conflict? The Palestinians are fighting for their country.

  10. sherri s says:

    Israeli Terror = Hamas was created by the Israelis to make a genocide look like a war.

  11. steve french says:

    Tarpley is a gate keeper for the jews. Everyone knows it is the jewish zionist bankers from Belgium, US and London along with the terror states of Israel and Saudi Arabia.

  12. Tell me anyone is I'm wrong?? We all know Alex Jones doesn't like to admit the truth BUT the "Elite" of this World are Jews!!!
    The Illuminati is Judaism and Judaism is Zionism
    Judaism is Freemason and
    Judaism is Kabbalah
    Judaism is Satanism
    Judaism is a "Jew World Order"

  13. Back off the mike, you're too close.

  14. jlawrence says:

    what doesn't add up in tarpley's (fascinating) perspective are his conflation of neo-cons with 'skull & bones' anglo-saxon bad guys ala bush sr… neo-cons are primarily jewish (with strooong ties to israel) — not WASP — which he over-looks in laying out his own 'axis of evil'. how ODD he implicates clueless obama/liberals, but NOT israel — which has clear, 1-for-1, strategic interest/historical bones to pick with each of the besieged populations/regions/conflicts tarpley discusses.

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