Weed Makes You Dumber w/ Margaret Cho // Ladies’ Room Ep.8


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  1. Daylight NL says:

    The best age of smoking cannabis is 25. Thats when your brain is full grown and all ''adulty'' LOL
    But please, never grow up. That stuff, is a trap.

  2. Paul Daveer says:

    Someone try the phone #s on the back?

  3. omg kelsey is sooooo annoying. I'm sorry but i can't watch any more buzz feed videos with her in it

  4. Andy Tang says:

    I loved when Kate crossed her eyes at Trump

  5. Anyone else see the or nah on the wall

  6. Raisa Walley says:

    I loved Beyonce quotes written all over the walls

  7. Raisa Walley says:

    I loved Beyonce quotes written all over the walls

  8. I want to call the numbers written on the walls

  9. where can I get some vegan stek?

  10. i wish her standup was on netflix

  11. nj.joh says:

    LOL Beyonce's Lemonade songs written on the wall


  13. I loved it, but I wish one of the questions had been about bisexuality, seeing as both Kelsey and Margaret identify as bi (if I'm remembering correctly.)

  14. imagine if MC is Eugene, it gonna be soooo sassy chatty talk

  15. "where can i get some vegan steak?" LMAO!

  16. Ventus313 says:

    Guus, where do you get the Polaroid film for that camera you're using? I received a Polaroid camera as a gift on my b day and I don't have film for it.

  17. Alisha A says:

    What happens when you call the number?

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