WELCOME IN TRUTH ‘ : Illuminati Freemason UFO .. Documentary 2015 full


Interview with TOP Illuminati Member : Can you tell us what position you hold in the Illuminati ? I am a member of the Board Measure 12 – man . There are five Americans , …


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  1. Paddy Ninja says:

    Your a master story teller…This should wake many up…The cruelty the witches show toward the innocent (children) is staggering, these people are truly indifferent to the pain of others…Some say the opposite of love is hate, but it is not, it is indifference…Before the end we will all suffer at the hands of the enemy, but how they will cry in shock when they finally understand that lucifer has deceived them, and they are abandoned by him…How sorrowful…The Love and Blessings of Our Lord Jesus Christ be upon you…Thanks for posting : D

  2. rascalferret says:

    In reading the description…I would embrace the nwo if it was indeed an enemy to evil opression, usury, and malicious deceit. The immediate evidence I get is contrary though, for I cannot trust anyone in a position of influence. At least not the ones that I can identify. The old world order sucks,yes it friggin does. Does the Illuminati really mean enlightened ones? Not the wealthy,but the knowing. I'm enlightened because I know the rules. Not the made up rules of the lines in the dirt government law writers and banks,but the real rules. The gifts that matter don't need to be written down or possessed, only given. The real groove. The propensity for the enlightenment of man has been smothered in the pursuit of material wealth, and possessions. We have been trained all wrong,trust me it's true. And if the nwo is simply the final outcome for those assholes I've been dealing with my whole life…God be with us. But maybe for a split second of rational thought,it makes sense if the gears of man can mesh with the drive of love. The great deceiver is real,but love is impossible to transgress. I have made my choice of love. Sadly, the only way to clean up this mess is to wipe it up,it's been done before…

  3. Not to mention the catholic priests having sex with children aged 4 to 13…

  4. Wow, this turned into a Jew-hate video.  So sad.

    Why not turn it into a Muslim-hate video?
    It would be much easier and there is much more readily available material.

  5. Very good even though I know it all but were is the ufo part fuckinell just watched 4 hours of the same shite

  6. Julia S says:

    Surely you don't think the term " New World Order" is something new, sinister or even current, much less to think it's encumbent or fast approaching. Did none of you propagandists ever take history ? It does NOT mean a new Global planet" although that does sound very melodramatic. 
    The term ' New World Order" first sprang up shortly after the US colonies won it's independence from Great Britain . Great Britain had been the ruling monarchy for countries and colonies around the world. For such a small empire it packed a big political and economic punch. But the upstarts that called themselves the United States of America put an end to British dominance. Now there was a new kid on the block. The " Political and economic' order of the world had suddenly changed. It was at this point in history when a ' New World Order ' came to be.  So all this hype, hysteria and propaganda about a ' New World Order' is far from new. It's just another spoke in the histrionic wheel. It's just a term and it doesn't go 'BUMP' in the night, it only gives propagandists a new fear mongering platform. "Run The Sky is falling " ! But, it gives the conspiracy theorists someway to pass their time,

  7. Julia S says:

    @donchichi botchagaloop
    Well, if you're so ashamed to be called an American be gone with you. Some lovely third world country would love to have your sorry ass dig the latrines.

  8. U people are dumb an when the shit hits the fan then u all can continue too be there robotic slave while I fight for my safety an my families cuz in the end its a dog e dog world an only those who fight it shall survive it…

  9. I dont have all the answers people all I know is if you havent figured things out yet you need to wake up and listen to things you might not want to hear

  10. already dead says:

    hahaha they say they control the media and you think you know the truth but where does all info come from

  11. Who's the journalist/reporter talking about Prescott Bush and financing the Nazi's, he's got a teardrop tattoo and a neck tattoo that looks similar to barbwire around his neck? I want to read some of his writings. Thanks in advance, I appreciate it.

  12. Ownership is an illusion. To OWN something is impossible. No One "owns" anything, we All simply temporarily use things, and then they pass on to someone else. I'm Lmao at these greedy deluded NWO F*ools (if they really do exist) who think they can "own" the world. They ALL will die just like the rest of us, and their children too and their children children and so on until one day humans no longer exist on this planet. What then? What good did it do you to "own" the world??? *Fools. LMFAO!

  13. Matthew Tull says:

    The bloodletting murderous Jew blaming is just that, Jew blaming. Most of those societies hated the Jews and used many such lies to justify attaching their hate to them and driving them out or killing them.

  14. This is what happens when you believe in the boogie man. You live your life in constant Fear, then you spread that Fear to others through word of mouth and or social media, until a whole nation is cowed into living in Fear. The Irony of it all is if an all powerful "they" do exist, that is probably exactly what they wanted and you helped them achieve "their" goal. congratulations!

  15. MrYy45 says:

    Lol as a fool would only Come upon the wise does realize that we NEED world order how ever bigots and the dumb will disagree then chaos ensues thus our world is as we know it has always suffered

  16. The 7 hertz says:

    Nazi americans ruining it for all americans! FUCK THE USA (THE GREAT SATAN)

  17. thatguy22441 says:

    Considering the atrocities committed in the name of the Christian god, I have to wonder who the evil one really is. God and Satan are metaphors for the philosophies of legalism and humanism. God is the one who believes that humans are intrinsically bad and need to be governed with strict laws while Satan is the one who believes that humans are intrinsically good and should be free to make their own mistakes and learn things for themselves.

  18. people need to wake up and realize just how fake our world really is…..evil times

  19. cris sanchez says:

    the people think is a joke or that we are crazy for believing in this i know its true but this people are just lacking in knowledge its all good when shit hits the fan its going to be harder to understand what really happening n the people who are already awake will know what coming

  20. Eldin Nukic says:

    We do need a New World Order. Doing something new and novel and trying to improve the system is only human nature. Look at the "old world order" is this truly the way you would wish it to remain? Compare now to say 1000,500, or 300 years ago. More people today have a higher standard of living than ever before. Nothing can be perfect, but by striving for perfection we can achieve excellence. Why do you people wish to stagnate and keep things that are not working the way they are. Is achieving something higher something greater not preferable to standing still in place.

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