Were our events written before they happen? part1-B



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  1. Yudie Kasnik says:

    all countries spy—- this is a campaign by the jesuits to make someone else take the blame —

  2. Yudie Kasnik says:

    Ray mcgoveren is the worst critic of Israel — hater of Israel– proaganda machine– Jesuit educated– not saying there are not thoes from Israel involved– but we reallly need to point the finger else where the big fish– which is not being talked in the video– wonder why??????? its because so they can cloak them selves behind the scape goat. Study the Hegelian Dialectic.

  3. @yudiee333 thank you I will look into it

  4. @yudiee333 I have just started with is trust me this has many parts and there are many people who hands dirty hands

  5. @1John2v27 total conformation!

  6. MrHardCash says:

    If Israel sends spies to the US, they won't be easily detected, arrested or fail polygraphic test.

    Neither would they be of israeli nationality either.

    I do however believe that they can get away with whatever they want in the US, and are certainly not only spying but moving things in their favor. However, I question some of the claims on these news stations in this video.

  7. The Bible is YHWH word if you do not like it take it up with him!

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