We’re Setting up For World War 3 and a PANDEMIC


Why do pandemics start and spread? Are we overdue for war and pandemics? GET TRAINED: …


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  1. fsteddie95 says:

    Yes I second that question when in the world are you coming to Houston we desperately need you to come to Houston Texas your most avid fans would love to see you and take your class or classes in Houston Texas I am one of those and would graciously pay to come to your class thank you thank you thank you

  2. As an ANP, I have to agree with you ! Thanks for sharing !

  3. Tj Curtis says:

    Vaccines spread diseases

  4. your mouth can run like a Marathon!!!!

  5. gjonesy9 says:

    South Park Reference:

    Finger Pointing gets us nowhere…Steve!  -_-

    YouTube is feeding me subliminal messages back to back.

    1.) We're Setting up For World War 3 and a PANDEMIC

    2.) What If Hitler Won World War II?


  6. Danny Abaldo says:

    I have found after much research as a Master Herbalist Number one herb to have on hand for any virus issue it can kill almost anything aside from Ebola. Now we have so many bugs around second elder and even lemon balm, but Chinese skullcap get it, make it now, it cold safe your life. Horizon herbs says such things about this amazing herb.
    Have a 100% done plan, few houses around me desert most will die of no water in 3 days if your in a situation it will be up to you to dispose of body's unless you want a plague toss out human waist 3 feet hole far off property
    Antibiotics have one single compound Herb antibiotics antivirus herbs have 200 to 400 compounds and it confuses the virus and kills them GSE have Grape fruit seed extract.

     I know first handed any bug any of us caught GSE alone 3-4 days always, 100% all gone. GSE super antibiotic and more. Get no Dr No Dentists ships captain medical guide all on line need these now.Super virus or bi warfare chines skullcap can not be beat .
    I studies dentistry 10 plus years, medic trauma and herbalist plus a minister.
    I have the lowest price top of the line herb school, its only a small administration fee look and see what others charge see our board see the price until oct 31 if we are still ok running a 25% off I just want to get books and a study outline so many will be ready as an herbal medic.I offer my books Music I did more 100% free I a not about money I am about helping people .

    compare any herb college and see. at present 75.00 for diploma one all give to you need two text that is it. I do not know why the doors are not being knocked down with all I do free, 100% local free herb clinic,, teach survival stuff via emails and websites

    Just subbed saw a few vids my you a while ago.
    Great information as away I encourage alL, think out of the box, what grows around you, or if you have seeds now grow best wild harvest herbs I have a course IN level botany 101 of each STUDENT. Define herbs near you, when to harvest how, ho to grow it's are RX very soon reader

  7. robin buote says:

    Looking forward to classes in North East Texas!!!!!!!

  8. My Grand Fathers parents were the first two people to die of Spanish Influenza,in 1918,in Dunkirk N.Y .Gramps and his siblings were the first orphans.We have had it so good since WW2 that we forgot what horrors the early 20th century produced.Its all coming around………….

  9. Patriot Nurse: As usual a well thought out and presented video!

  10. I just hope it's over quick when Russia nukes us.

  11. Have you ever talked about enemas? They seem to be the ancient cure all.

  12. brokenwolf67 says:

    are you going to have a class in the Bristol VA/TN area anytime

  13. WW3 is the first rider of the apocalypse is the rider of the white horse. Full scale war is the starting gun. Be ready to move.
    #2 is the ryder of the red horse and this is where everyone trys to kill everyone else.
    Pass the ammo please.
    #3 is famine.
    "Give us this day our daily bread…"
    #4 is the pale rider death.
    Pandemics seem to fit this rider well.
    Just a note of congratulations to those who have prepared accordingly. The riders of the apocalype are ready to ride………………..
    Are you?

  14. Tom M says:

    Regarding our world looking like pre WWI world not only war wise but as you say disease wise and entering a time with ineffective antibiotics… as a long time allied medical professional and student of political science I fear you may well be correct. If we aren't preparing perhaps we need be. Best

  15. Tom Skilling says:

    cool let's nuke Russia

  16. quincymedex says:

    Thanks Patriot Nurse. You are so right. It is coming. We need to be prepared. Our country is too far gone and judgment is coming our way. I find a way to prepare a little each day, however I can. Thanks for your words of wisdom.

  17. I need to ask a question about Litmus tape with adhesive. Where can I find some. My husband says he would like the adhesive tape instead of papers or 'tape' on a roll. I'm sorry this is on this blog. But I was hoping to hear form you.
    Thank you for these amazing videos and this information.

  18. Is there a chance that you can do a Sacramento class again? My local CERT team, including me, want to get some advanced medical training that we can't get normally.

  19. Thank you for another informative vid. A very helpful wake up call!

  20. modoc blood says:

    Love your videos, thank god for people like you….

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