West Virginia Water’s Secret Poison: Scientists Race to Identify What Gov. Is Not Testing

Deborah Dupre

Independent scientists are racing Tuesday to identify what the government is not testing, a secret ingredient in the chemical that Freedom Industries leaked into water supplying of 300,000 people, Nalco’s “Crude MCHM’. They are determined to find the ingredient that government is not testing, yet advising the public that the water is safe.

West Virginia Water’s Secret Poison Scientists Race to Identify What Gov

Nearly 1000 West Virginia residents have gone to hospital emergency rooms for poisoning, according to government reports. That number does not include the number of patients seeing their family physicians at clinics. Both numbers continue rising, as residents are left to make their own decisions about using or not using the tainted water and breathe the tainted air.

Locorice odor a big clue to scientists

“Something else surely is in the chemical,” retired neuroscientist Dr. Paul Brown in West Virginia told Before It’s News on Monday. “Pure MCHM has a faint mint odor and residents are complaining of a strong licorice odor.”

That simple clue about the licorice smell reported throughout the nine counties most impacted in the present water crisis, is one government officials should have considered and acted upon, but have not, according to independent scientists speaking to Before It’s News’ Deborah Dupré, reporting from West Virginia.

Organic chemist Dr. Yuri Gorby is working with a team of other independent scientists to analyze water samples provided by locals so they can identify the secret part of Nalco’s “Crude MCHM,” the part that government officials are not testing, yet telling 300000 impacted residents the water is safe.

Nalco owns the “Crude MCHM” chemical. Eastman is the principal supplier. Freedom Industries is a distributor of the chemical. All are under the Koch Industries of the 1% on Wall Street.

“Eastman is the principal supplier of crude MCHM used in the froth flotation method of cleaning coal,” Brown said. “Their chemical data sheet for MSDM is totally inadequate, filled with unknowns about toxicity and environmental effects.”

“Presumably, the other stuff in the cleaning solution is responsible for the odor difference, and may be responsible for the harm people are suffering,” Brown said.

Dr. Gorby says that government officials are only testing the organic compounds, not the inorganic carbon-based compounds. Four parts are in the 4 MCHM compound, Gorby told Before It’s News. His team has several “suspects” they are trying to identify for certain, one of which is used in the fracking process, he says.

“We’re trying to find the other 3 and cross-reference them. If these four chemicals are found in fracking, we can make the assumption that people won’t know and scientists won’t know what to test.

“It is unconscionable that the residents don’t have full answers to what is in the water and authorities aren’t doing anything useful about it.

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