What Did “Knowing” Really Know?


by Zen Gardner

You know, these “insider” movie producers have a lot at their fingertips we’re apparently not privy to. How they get this info is fun to visualize, like an old Spy vs Spy cartoon.

Actually, many have testified they’ve been “given” the ideas or script changes by apparent “operatives”. Especially when they have these huge scenes of military operations you know the “suppliers” of all this equipment have a heavy hand on the scale.

But I’m sure that’s not their only criterion.

Apocalypse In The News

They LOVE this subject. While they try to keep their credibility with the more wary audience with comments about ‘crackpots, kooks and conspiracy nuts’, these Illuminist media controllers push the End of the World scenario big time.

We’ve seen the alien invasion how many times. We’ve had the asteroid impact over and over. Plagues have killed us off a few times, and now “Contagion” is making waves once again. 2012 is a whopper. As are huge earthquake scenarios. Even a frozen world with ‘Day After Tomorrow’.

I mean c’mon.

Don’t you find it ironic THEY produce this stuff hand over fist and then the same elitists work hard to make fun of anyone who actually believes it?

Isn’t that called getting “jerked around”?

Actually it’s a very sophisticated mind control technique, a deliberate mixture of cognitive dissonance with the intent towards predictive programming.

Nasty bastards, in a nutshell. Manipulative maniacs on the move.


This movie keeps coming back to me in weird ways.

It’s slow as far as movies go, and Nicolas Cage is pretty much the same guy you see in all his movies. The plot is actually relatively simple, and is drawn out using interim catastrophes leading up to the big revelation at the end as his child gets swept into the phenomenon of hearing the “whisperers” who’ve given coded warning messages to a couple of generations of contactees.

Nick goes a bit berserk as he figures out the code and traces the predicted disasters, but his passionate search culminates when he decodes the last line of the predictive numbers…”ee”…the “end of everything”.

The Solar Flare Connection

Let’s bring this up to date. Mike Adams of Natural News just ran a story, appropriately called:

Solar flare could unleash nuclear holocaust across planet Earth, forcing hundreds of nuclear power plants into total meltdowns

Forget about the 2012 Mayan calendar, comet Elenin or the Rapture. The real threat to human civilization is far more mundane, and it’s right in front of our noses. Story here

I’m all on board with speaking up about potential natural disasters. We’re finding the USGS isn’t even reporting earthquakes accurately any more. The whole system’s been co-opted and we need to fend for ourselves.
This solar cycle news has been out for years now, warning us of some very real potential serious problems. Massive solar flares hitting at the right place and time could cripple whole continents. EvenMichio Kaku has been in the mainstream news talking about it, only to have the story shuffled into the subconscious once again.
But this reminded me of this weirdly predictive movie. It’s the SUN that brings the end!

Another Predictive Example

Listen closely…the volume gets turned up about the oil spill, but previous to that the solar flares are mentioned as well.


Coincidence? This was released a year before the gulf oil disaster. Notice, as I’m sure you did, the clock turn to 12 at the same time for emphasis. Pretty freaky.

The Overall Message

By the way, the aliens who gave the messages and keep appearing and whispering to the kids are these light beings disguised as “men in black” types. They eventually lead them to where these space craft will take them off planet to safety just before the event. In fact, they and other chosen children around the globe are deposited in other worlds to propagate, as in the garden of eden story.

Christian fundamentalists have called this movie the “alien gospel”. Understood, from that paradigm. The ark saving humanity (two rabbits hop on board if the parallel isn’t clear enough to the viewer), the predictive prophecy, Nick’s Christian parents, and they say the light beings are of course negative…after all, the stones are black at the end of the flick. You’ll see.

One such author mocks:

Nearing the end of the movie the viewers discover that the Men in Black, previously known as the “whisper people” are, yep, aliens. Most likely Pleiadians since there is a subtle reference to the Pleiades earlier in the movie. Now even if these particular “space brothers” who are “here to help” are not Pleiadian, that doesn’t matter because anyone who is involved in New Age alien space brother adoration totally knows that Pleiadians are tall with blond hair. They are the equivalent of the “supermodels” of the universe, especially compared with zeta reticulii and reptilians, which I’ll leave to others to discuss. Just ask Billy Meier and look up all the ancient folklore from civilizations across the planet in regards to this star cluster. Source

Hmmmm. I wonder if the Light Beings are aware that they’ve been put into a box?

Once you stop wondering, you’ve stopped. He refers to a LOT of stuff in that paragraph. He better know what he’s talking about. Personally, everything’s on the table. But he can’t help but talk about it, can he? That’s a good thing…maybe people will wake up to new realities.

Let’s hope.

I may not go for Hollywood’s tricks, but I like to think freely, outside of paradigms. And I like to try to understand the message I’m “supposed to be getting” for what it is and I try not to swallow it hook, line and sinker. But also not discard it offhandedly as if there’s no truth to anything.

Hey…Knowing is Knowing…and I’m wondering what others seem to be Knowing…if they Know anything…

We need to be awake and aware, and alive. Period. Love comes with the territory.

Love, Zen

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