What Do You Do When The Country Where You Live Is Literally Going Insane?


The American Dream

Do you ever get the feeling that the world around you is going crazy?  If you live in America today and you are not in a television-induced coma, then you have probably had that feeling.  It seems like almost everywhere you turn these days, there is someone that is seriously losing it.  It is not just our politicians either.  In every profession and on every level of society there are lots of people that appear to be a few fries short of a Happy Meal.  So what do you do when the country where you live is literally going insane?  When paranoia, fear and delusional thinking are commonplace, it is very difficult for a society to function normally.  And unfortunately, some of the craziest people out there are working for the federal government. These days you literally do not know who you can count on.  If you contact someone in a position of authority, that person may help you or that person may turn out to be a raving lunatic.  Once upon a time, there was a feeling that most people in America shared a set of common values, but those days are long gone.  These days, it seems like nearly everyone has their own idea of what “right and wrong” are, and so when you meet someone you never know what you are going to get.  What may seem “totally insane” to you may seem perfectly normal to the person that you are trying to interact with.

Yes, of course part of the problem is that the U.S. population has been very much “dumbed-down” over the years.  Our government schools are pumping out millions upon millions of kids that are dumb as a rock, and our entertainment industry is slowly turning the American people into a bunch of jibbering idiots.

But our problems go way beyond the fact that a large percentage of our population is uneducated.  The truth is that some of the most paranoid and irrational Americans you will meet are actually very highly educated.

For example, it really does take someone extremely paranoid to believe that we need to strip-search 80-year-old women at our airports for the sake of national security.

Have you ever met someone that is truly paranoid?  Everyone and everything is a threat to them.

Well, it is the same thing with those running the Department of Homeland Security.  The size of the “no fly list” in the U.S. has more than doubled over the past 12 months.  A year ago, there were about 10,000 names on it, and today there are approximately 21,000 names on it.

In fact, your name might be on it right now and you may never even know until you try to get on to an airplane.

But the “terrorist” watch list is even worse.  The “terrorist watch list” now has over a million names on it.  According to the Washington Post, a “single tip” can get you put on to that list forever.

In America today, we are all “potential terrorists”, and we have been told that we must give up our rights so that the government can keep us safe from the “dangerous people” that could be living right down the street from us.

Yes, there are real terrorists out there, but getting us all scared to death of our neighbors is not going to help anything.

Sadly, the truth is that it is often law enforcement authorities that we need to be most afraid of.

The other day, a team of FBI agents hacked down the front door of one lady’s apartment with a chainsaw….

“I just happened to glance over and saw this huge chainsaw ripping down the side of my door,” she explains. “And I was freaking out. I didn’t know what was going on.”

They had her on the floor for 35 minutes before they finally figured out that they had the wrong apartment.


Of course the criminals are becoming more insane as well, and they are increasingly acting in groups.  Over the past few years, we have seen a frightening rise in the number of crimes committed by mobs of criminals.  The following is one recent example from Syracuse, New York….

Authorities say a group of nine people swarmed a neighborhood grocery store in Syracuse and stole nearly $40,000 by distracting the clerk and blocking her view.

Syracuse police tell local media that they believe the thieves are a roving band of scam artists who target small stores with few employees.

A few months ago, I wrote an article about the flash mob epidemic that we are now seeing in America.  Large groups of kids are banding together and are deciding that it would be a really good idea to go out and commit a crime together.

Some would call such behavior stupidity while others would call it sheer insanity.

But whatever you want to call it, the reality is that it is quite an alarming trend.

People also seem to be becoming more sadistic these days as well.

The other day, two sisters in Wisconsin were arrested for sexually assaulting a man with a pair of pliers and having him drink a glass of urine.

Does anyone remember women acting this way 40 or 50 years ago?

Unfortunately, if you are a victim of a crime and you call the authorities for help, you never know what you are going to get.

If a good police officer responds, you may get help.

If a bad police officer responds, you may get raped.  Yes, that is actually true.  Sometimes the police end up being even worse than the criminals.  When one 19-year-old single woman in Milwaukee called 911 for help, she didn’t expect to get raped by the police.  But that is exactly what happened.

Teachers are probably even worse.  As I wrote about the other day, another story appears in the mainstream media about some teacher doing perverted things with students almost every single day now.

So what should you do?

Should you just go live out in the middle of the woods somewhere to escape all of this insanity?

Unfortunately, that will not work either.  The crazies can find you back there too.  The following is a comment that a reader identified as BenjiK shared on one of my recent articles….

I had a 1962 Chevy Bel-Air given to me by my grandfather that was stored under a car cover, behind a solid fence, and COMPLETELY out of public site. It was going to be a project for me and the kids when they got a little older. We lived on over 2 acres, on a dirt road, outside the city limits and we were friends with the few neighbors we had. I received a letter in the mail from the county stating I had 30 days to get the “abandoned” vehicle out of my yard or face fines up to $117 a day for every day not in compliance. I about flipped. Upon contacting a county official I learned that I wasn’t being “singled out”, this was a county wide “crackdown” on “unsightly debris”. When I explained there was no possible way that the car was visible to ANYONE, I was informed the county was using “satellite imagery” for enforcement.

However, they were “gracious” enough to give me 3 options: 1) Get rid of the vehicle 2) Get the vehicle in running condition and license and insure it or 3) Build an extra garage to store it in. (Of course contingent upon the county’s approval, paid permits, fees, inspections, etc….)

We ended up storing it in our 2-car garage with my truck sitting outside until we sold our home and moved.

Isn’t that comforting?

They could be using a satellite to look at your home right now and you would never even know it.

Our country is becoming crazier all the time.

Sadly, even those that are supposed to be the “cream of the crop” are completely and totally insane as well.

Just look at all the corruption on Wall Street.  As this chart shows, when debt levels in America go up, so do the earnings of the Wall Street bankers.  They don’t care that the debt bubble that they are creating is going to destroy the financial system.  All they care about is the big bonus checks that they are going to get at the end of the year.

The big banks run up ridiculous levels of debt and leverage at their own firms because they know that if they guess right, they will win big, and if they guess wrong the taxpayers will bail them out because they are “too big to fail”.

Our financial system has become a gambler’s paradise.  It is a gigantic casino where the crazy and the corrupt place massive bets that are so large they would blow the minds of most average Americans.

But very few places are insane as Washington D.C. is.

It has been said that the American people are going to get the government that they deserve, and that definitely appears to be true.

One of our major political parties is being led by a legendary con artist who appears to be completely and totally incompetent and the other major political party is being led by a man that would literally say almost anything in order to win an election.

Once there was a famous song that included the following line….

Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right

Unfortunately, that is a perfect description of U.S. politics today.

And the guy occupying the White House is barely even qualified to run a Dairy Queen.

The following is what Barack Obama recently said was his goal for the U.S. economy….

“I laid out a blueprint for an economy that’s built to last, that has a firm foundation. Where we’re making stuff and selling stuff and moving it around and UPS drivers are dropping things off everywhere.”

And he is supposed to be one of the great orators of our time?

Barack Obama seems to know next to nothing about our economic system.  Perhaps that is why he nominated Ben Bernanke for another term as the head of the Federal Reserve despite the fact that Bernanke had a track record of failure that would make the Washington Generals look good.

This week, Bernanke promised Congress that the Federal Reserve will protect the U.S. economy from whatever happens next….

“We are in frequent contact with European authorities, and we will continue to monitor the situation closely and take every available step to protect the U.S. financial system and the economy”

Talk about delusional!  Bernanke is not going to be able to protect us from what is coming.

But Bernanke is a perfect example of the modern American.  We tend to think that we know it all, and yet the rest of the world is just laughing at us.

Sadly, just electing the right person to be president is not going to fix what is wrong with this country.

The entire nation is literally going insane.

We need to understand what has happened to us, turn around, and start doing the things that once made us great.

So what do all of you think?

Is there much hope for America?

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6 Responses

  1. wraparound says:

    Something has happened to common sense…seriously, people don’t know what it is anymore. I believe the “problem” of lack of common sense started when the so-called” baby boomers took over from the previous generation. The WWII guys knew common sense at an early age. They new at a corporation, an association, any group from the local little league to the highest levels of government or private corporation that if a guy is clamoring for the job, if he is ruthless and a back stabber, then, HE IS AUTOMATICALLY ELIMINATED. For some dumb ass reason, the baby boomers admire the opposite. They WANT the cuthroat operator, they admire that kind of type A personality. Instead of recognizing “one upsmanship” as a personality defect, they award those type of persons with the leadership positions.
    Common sense tells you that the old WWII guys had it right…if a guy is qualified, everybody likes him because he is nice and fair and is not clamoring for the job, THEN THAT IS THE GUY WE WANT BECAUSE HE CARES MORE ABOUT OTHERS THAN HIMSELF (OR HIS OWN POCKETBOOK).
    Somehow, as a group…all of us Americans have forgotten that very important piece of common sense.

  2. Robin says:

    No. No hope for this loony bin of loony tunes.

  3. Endgame Resetter says:

    I don’t know if this is useful, so I just speak out from our side of eastern tradition knowledge. The Yahudi/Jew will be divided to 71 group and only 1 is truthful ( the Hasidic if in the US and the alike if elsewhere), the Nasrani/Christian to 72 and only 1 is truthful (the Amish if in the US and the alike if elsewhere), and Islam to 73 and 1 is truthful(Sheikh Nazim Haqqani if in the US and the alike if elsewhere). If you notice, all require the women to wear scarf.
    For 2012, we don’t expect end of the world, just disasters. Our main concern on preparation is on the God will warning to His enemy by the showering of the meteor rains (not comet) before the beginning of supremacy of God enemy the Dajjal/AntiChrist. On the other hand, the Dajjal/AntiChrist will react by flooding the earth to flame down the meteor fire.
    The world will be devastated, for new beginning for both the believer and non believer.
    For God believer. God has the absolute right to warn His enemy not to play god even with the devastation of part of the earth and the casualty of life’s, as their total submission. To certain extent, some believer will accept that the death is actually God way in saving the human from slaving to other than God. And no question on why God don’t just terminate or much better don’t create His enemy at all in the first place (for the learned, God enemies are not really against God, they are against Human/Adam. But because Human/Adam is as the image of God, it just start the envious etc)
    For Lucifer and Dajjal/AntiChrist sympathizer. God was mistake when creating Human/Adam ( Lucifer is a genie on earth prior to creation of human being(though he was later up-heave to heaven and chosen as leader of angel, with surprisingly no angel envy on him then. Dajjal is human being from the Moses era. Other than genie and human, 2 fallen angels Harut and Marut were also later following the Lucifer footstep during Solomon period).
    We the human being are weak(physically compared to genie/angel) without enlightenment/true knowledge. Even genie are smaller to angel physically, only with the revealed enlightenment , the lucifer (previously known as azazil when becomes the learned one) managed to be the leader of angel with the strong/bigger spirituality. And we the human, once become the learned will be bigger from both spiritually and thus be the leader(and among us ourselves we have to abide/chose the biggest as the leader. This is whom we call the chosen one. Messenger/prophet. In genie world, they are easy, because lucifer is the eldest and so he will always lead until Judgment Day. For the human world, we are different because our life is shorter and new chosen one will be sent periodically. And the latest enlightenment will supersede the previous one. But because the elder from the previous enlightenment can’t accept the new one, or just envious because the new chosen one is younger such as the case of lucifer and Adam, or the young from the previous enlightenment feels he is much more suitable, which then lead and beget the envious tragedy that offspring many groups till our time).
    So here we are, already at the junction of time. The enlightenment is the knowledge of the heart not brain. Seek while we have around one more year.

  4. Clare forjan says:

    yes! I live on new York ,long island . I can tell you that first I am crazy, I take meds for stress and anxiety, so that being plus where I live. I can honestly tell you there is some strange s…,going on. Everywhere like overwound rubber bands, doing and asking for the most wacked out things. There has been a recent rash of home invasions here and robbery at stores and homes. I have become a insomniac or the night watcher . I have 3 dogs. Ells bells, Spud the pit bull for no reason,and trudyoudsix , barkers and biters.
    About church et’al , Jesus is great and if we all lived by his Politics we probably would not be where we are today. I watch almost zero T.V., never any network news it’s poison . None of those so called Games. Gave up meat years ago. I am kind of reclusive . Get books read a lot. Since I am crazy here is a good one. Ventured to grocery store for some supplies. Lady ahead of me all poofed up , the I used to have a lot of money once look,I call it. Had the boy carry out to her car a head of lettuce. Really! That was all she had. Needed an ego boost? But don’t forget now. I am crazy like a fox. See you in the next world , don’t be late. XOX

  5. harmony711 says:

    I don’t think we will see much change in my lifetime. There is so much greed and our earth is being destroyed. There are not enough resources for the 7 billion people on this earth. People aren’t giving back to earth, just taking so it will not work. There are those trying, but it will not be enough. There are to many issues to face such as factory farming, chemtrails, pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, the government, the bankers, crime, schools in trouble, GMO food, and so much more.. How can we possible save this in this lifetime?

  6. Tim says:

    “What Do You Do When The Country Where You Live Is Literally Going Insane?”

    “Shouldn’t it be said that the “Church” is the people who follow Jesus Christ and that that means to live like Him and keeping all the commandments as well as doing that which is “good”? Church is NOT a building where people congregate and so to claim they are a “Christian”; “Christianity” is a living/doing “Church” that is a/the way of life for all claiming such.

    Empty pews in a “church” may be the sign that God really doesn’t like “mans” way and because most have forgotten His (Gods)way.

    Defining “Christianity” lightly is the real problem in the hearts of man. Especially since all who claim it are to live a holy life but may not truly live it because of reasons unaware/aware.

    Do peoples works, or even any part of their works show forth the “faith” that they claim? Does any know what “works” are?

    All I see today in this lust for sin world are mostly liars. People want to “look and claim” the part (Christianity) but rarely does any truly live it.

    People play the game that God should give them what they want when they want it, and He should do what they want Him to do how and when they want it it done, but they themselves shouldn’t be expected or required to behave and not sin. You should get the picture.

    It’s the evil game of the lie I am me and so God should give and do because…

    It is the sin problem in peoples hearts that is the problem. People wanting and claiming something (Christian)that they are not and for any reason and foolishly thinking it is okay as long as they speak it and/or “look” it.

    As you can see from “The Shocking Decline Of Christianity In America” and in the whole world, fake is fake. A lie is a lie no matter how well disguised as “Christianity”.

    If you want His (Gods) blessings more frequent in your life and/or country/world then maybe you should start by talking to God and really learning what “works” are and living them. Here one should know because they read The Holy Bible, and do because they love God.

    Have we attempted to make (subjugate) God to be our slave because we don’t get it because to get it would mean to admit our ignorance, our selfish greed, our lies, our sins and from such things repent? I guess maybe there is little or no repentance coming from any in any true form or this article would not even exist.

    And what part of the narrow path do people not understand? Or is that they want a payday without working?

    Can any nation exist long under God? Under lies and all forms of deceit? Let us do a real thorough check of where our hearts really are. Be it with God and His ways, or our ways? Which do we really serve?

    It has to be Gods way in and for our life or we lose it all. We lose any claim to “Christianity”, we lose our “Nation”, and we could lose everlasting life.

    God has given us His word. What have we given?”

    Trust God.

    God bless you all, and good day.

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