What Does An Illuminati TV Show About HEAVEN Look Like?


What Does An Illuminati TV Show About HEAVEN Look Like? Music courtesy of Jahzzar http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Jahzzar/


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  1. Judy 1771 says:

    Sun symbolism abounds here is Hayward, CA. It's sickening really. Lodges all over, just a mess. Baffles me to no end how no one else sees it…

  2. Lex Rokk says:

    Great minds think alike! I thought about mentioning these first two shows you mentioned as well. In fact, nearly everything on TV is bad! How about the show "ZOO"? It deals with a mutation in the animal kingdom affecting all creatures to become violent towards the human race. Please check this out! It's littered with symbolism! Thank you and God bless us all!

  3. sieman78 says:

    Wwwwwww, ''hosted refuge family''……….speaks volumes to what they'' are trying to do 2day… . . . . . . .

  4. Hi KJ. Have you done a video on the Mandela affect? I would be curious to hear your take on it.

  5. many thumbs up!!!  brilliance as always!!!!  ♥♥♥♥

  6. SEK4110 says:

    KJ…. As you know there are many teachers, supposed prophets and preachers on youtube. If I were a non-believer in Christ Jesus I have little doubt, after listening to your various video, that you would be the one who would make me want to look into this man named "Jesus". You have a gift, a regular guy, who does not claim to be a teacher, prophet or scholar yet you are quite profound at times . I was surprised to hear you endorsement of Kleck but years ago I once drove 7 hours to see a Kenneth Copeland so who am I to talk LOL God bless you, awesome video!

  7. Ate Vegan only 430 points. lol. Yall enjoy your dead animal flesh. I'm vegan and I'm already in heaven thanks to the health it brings plus I'm much stronger both physically and mentally. Its really amazing, I highly recommend it to EVERYONE. The food Matrix people. All you gotta do is look into an animal's eyes to see you've gotta be an idiot to slaughter it and eat it. As if we need meat, yall are fuckin' ruled to death! It's fuckin' barbaric. And apparently my blood type says I benefit from eating red meat HA!!!!!!!!!! I USED to eat red meat, sure, but not anymore.

  8. You're videos are very well done. Thanks for what you're doing. Great work!

  9. This is my first comment Ever! I've been watching stuff for 23 years.. Somewhere I saw something about the color blue and how mainstream media picked up on that in their broadcasts. To TheScariestMovieEver, have you heard this?

  10. victoria says:

    wow kj this was really good. i can see you really are a follower of jesus.

  11. Dale Smart says:

    Jesus body was taken from the cross n then chopped into pieces. After that they put the remains in a hemp sack n nailed it back up, to be sure. Thats why repentance dress is sack cloth and dust.

  12. at Least some one is Hoestly telling the TRUTH.

  13. lmfao god really? your channel os cool with the so called illuminated ones but the god thing is hilarious. sorry man i cant do it, i know way too much to believe that bs. im really surprised about you believing in this also. but whatever helps you sleep at night i guess. i did want to mention that Rome started Christianity and also is tue source of all our misfortune. do you not know of the punic wars? alexander the goon, and Ptolemy? they literally had to refer to ptolemy as the god king, serabis. oh well to each his own. again i am against the so called illuminati, but i guess im going about it differently.

  14. And worship of 'the Son' is idolatry.

  15. ACM1PT says:

    Doesn't the whole New Testament tell the story of Jesus so that we know how to follow his steps and walk the narrow path? I think the Bible is clear enough that the only way to save ourselves is to have a Christ-like heart and mind. It is redundantly stated throughout the whole gospel.

  16. jeff l says:

    you are so right  good work

  17. Personally I don't think you should have taken this too serious looking at the parts where it says telling "a woman to smile is a negative 57". But from 4:03 I was like oh no.

  18. Yes there's a whole lot of programming going on. Thank you for your analysis. The war is for humanity vrs transhumanism/genocide. The deep state is pushing hard for transhumanism, pushing war and poisoning us through gmos, chem trails, vaccines etc. See Agenda 21…David Icke's video.

  19. Thank you for taking the time to enlighten us.This show seemed all wrong on the commercials.These people take it for granted that we are asleep at the wheel so for entertainments sake we will watch anything that they throw at us.Thank God there are still Christians out there who still know crap when they see it,and realize when they try to feed us the filth they like to consume.God bless you.Keep fighting the good fight.

  20. Lee Feriozzi says:

    love your work man,on the money , we are all a party to the grime, but dont have to  willingly participate SPEAK IT OUT LOUD BRO i salute you.

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