What If Saudi Arabia And Iran Went To War?


Saudi Arabia And Iran’s Fight to Control The Middle East http://testu.be/1PMhyJe Why Do Saudi Arabia And Iran Hate Each Other? http://testu.be/1ORGCLJ …


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  1. Javad P says:

    Don't look at size of the dog in fight. look at size the fight in dog. Saudi Arabia is loosing to Yemeni's  because it's soldiers do not believe their cause. Saudi is hireling troops from Somalia and Sudan. while Iranians, although they hate their government,  are extremely nationalist. Iranians are producing their own weapons and know how to use it. first wave of attack would be via missiles that would obliterate Saudis air force and after that wave after wave of air and ground attacks. All those Sunni supporters will not get involve. Remember Iran Iraq's war?

  2. MOHD AKRAM says:

    the Saudi and Iran will never fight ( insha Allah ).

  3. blastforyou says:

    You failed to mention that the Saudi plan is to involve the USA on their side by event such as recently happened with US Navy patrol boat(remember Gulf of Tonkin incident). The 911 attack involved 19 Saudi nationals and it was revealed that money funding attack also came from Saudi Arabia (they are not our friends). Much of funding for ISIS also comes from Saudi Arabia sources. This is about the feud between the two main branches of Islam(Shia/Sunni) and their fight to the death. I don't have a problem with Saudis and Iran getting into fight;  I just don't want USA to donate blood and national wealth to fight.

  4. Wutangbang says:

    actually in Azerbaijan people don't give a fuck about islamic stuffs

  5. .ALLAAHU AKBAAR. By words of ALLAH Muslims can rule & control the entire universe Insha ALLAH

  6. 1. most of the muslims hates the saudis (Turkey, Syria, Irak, Libanon, Jordania and the whole north africa) It doesnt matter that the saudis are sunnis, because for the other arabians the saudis arent really serious religios. So most would be happy if both of these two regimes will destroy each other because they trouble the region.2. to compare the strength…Iran got Russia, Syria, Irak, Libanon (and England 😉 ) Why England you maybe will ask? Because they work with "each other" the whole last 100 until 200 years (also after the revolution). So dont be suprised if the saudis will be history after this imaginary fight…3. the whole world starts to invest in iran after the sanctions, so why should the US help the saudis now? there isnt any financial benefit?

  7. It's all because of America these American political leaders are way too smart for the Arab leaders America is playing the Middle East like band instruments

  8. West was planing for this war but it's not just time for it now, Shia need to be more powerful , US invaded Iraq and gave it to Iran in order to be a match for Sunni majority and all western countries and UN organizations are working now in supporting Iran but they don't want the war to start now

  9. Bogdan Cozma says:

    Iran has 550,000 ACTIVE troops, not 2.3 Million……Will you ever actually do research for a video?

  10. It's funny how there is nothing about Iranian missile capabilities in any of these reports.

  11. Killer 1999 says:

    Saudi Arabia is stronger have more allies helps other nations in stopping terrorism and saving lives always donates food to the poor countries and helps supply some nations with Weapons. What did Iran do? Support ISIS and kill people in Syria,Iraq, and Yemen.

  12. sami14310 says:

    Fuck both of the country only poor people will die inside the rich pig al suaid family would run to Hollywood and only poor people will left in war. Saudia Arabic still live in 10th century and suadi still rule by pig family

  13. azərbaycan wouldn't back İran, they're israels ally.

  14. Archy11102 says:

    Even if USA would be with S.Arabia (which they wouldnt), Iran would have support of Russia and China as their most valued economic ally. They would wipe the floor with Saudis whom Americans would abandon because USA is tired of war so to say. They just ended two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan quite recently and general population would be against it. Saudi soldiers are bad and cowards, they are getting their ass kicked by rebels in Yemen. All what Saudis can do is to bomb schools in Yemen.

  15. Saudi executed 47 terrorists who wants to destroy Saudi Arabia

  16. Adam아담 says:

    All well and good until Iran decides it's time to fire up its nuclear programme again

  17. UgenixK says:

    hezbollah fucked up israel. hezbollah was trained by Iran.

    now im pretty sure israel is way more powerful then saudi arabia. so therefore according to my expert analysis iran would absolutely fuck saudi in the butt

  18. UgenixK says:

    hezbollah fucked up israel. hezbollah was trained by Iran.

    now im pretty sure israel is way more powerful then saudi arabia. so therefore according to my expert analysis iran would absolutely fuck saudi in the butt

  19. This report is wrong, because Saudi Arabia and Iran, all of them Muslim, yes we have political differences, but all the people in Saudi Arabia and Iran love each other, the problem in governments in Iran and Saudi Arabia is not the peoples, but some haters make Iran and Saudi Arabia as if they were enemies, and this is not true

  20. Of all branches of Islam, Shia is by far the most "sane" and Iran's self-sufficiency reflects the enlightened attitude of Shia Islam to enable that development.

    Saudi Arabia is a tyranny owned and run by Dönmeh Jews, masquerading as Muslims. The Talmudic Tyrants use Wahhabism to maintain an iron grip on the native Arabs in the kingdom. Israel and the KSA have very good relations, which compels Washington to protect both because the KSA is Jewish at the very top.

    Iran is one of the few truly sovereign nations on the Earth because they refuse to surrender their financial independence to the Rothschilds. Hence, the endless propaganda and lies against Iran.

    A war between the KSA and Iran does not look good for Iran, despite the latter's superior cultural basis. Iran lacks the will to project power and fight proxy wars to engage the Zionist Imperial War Machine before it comes to them. The KSA is a pure Jewish tyranny and can hire millions of mercenaries to fight their wars and have NATO weapons at their disposal. Israel and the KSA will also fight to the last Goy American!

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