What if the nuclear bomb did not exist



properly what if the Manhattan undertaking which delivers the very best minds in science together to develop an nuclear bomb throughout earth war 2,by no means came about in the forties.

On the other hand we could search to the thought that Nazi Germany undertook ballistic missiles.The rationale staying they could be rocketed to the enemy’s turf with out any difficulties this take place to Wonderful Britain staying attack by Nazi Germany.

However the united states view is that these missles could be moved by cell products these kinds of as trucks and planes throughout earth war 2.

Therefore,what if the United States just attacked Japans industrial and navy elaborate these kinds of as Nazi Germany.However the Japanese federal government would of specified up or not I do not know at very best.

On the other hand by attacking the Japanese navy and industrial elaborate this would not contaminate foods and h2o or exposed these people today to radiation.

 I do not consider the Japanese population would shrink at all,it would cripple the navy and federal government forces at very best.Therefore the Japanese navy may well surrender after the bombing and a land attack.

However would the Japanese federal government would of specified up I do not know it for a actuality it is the enjoyment of choice history, and the what if thought.In addition,could the cold war could of been prevented for the reason that the Russians stole the United states blue print that was bought to them by an American spy in Europe in the decades 46 to 47.

Therefore an additional concern occurs would the Russians developed their have atomic bomb anyway by using over East Berlin,which they may well of developed nuclear bombs by working with uranium and former Nazi scientist.Eventually this would place the United States in an bind.In rationale the United States would the US would have to modifications its philosophy from working with nuke electricity to operate a house system to a city to developing a protection to defuse the Russians,I do not know as Einstein suggests that nuclear energy can be utilised for the betterment of modern society as a whole.


Source by William Schietroma

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