What If World War 3 Happen



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  1. Eniyi 10 at the left top corner? Are you from Turkey?

  2. Leah Fox says:

    If the USA gets attacked I'm going to Germany screw this let's go!

  3. Can They Just Ban Making Nuclear Weapon So The World Will Never Be Destroyed If They Make A Nuclear Weapon Kill The President/Prime Minister

  4. I highly doubt that countries will fire off nuclear missiles that easily. Maybe North Korea and other crazy countries, but other than that, no.

  5. I think world war three well have about 10 times the amount of people who died in WW2.  This may because of highly populated cities like New York and Moscow.  I think we all will eventually be all wiped out from nukes and their will be few people surviving.  I think that the U.S. will fire nukes first (Cuz we kinda trigger happy) at Russia.  I am looking for fellow survivors to join me once the nukes come to build a bunker :D!  Help Wanted!

  6. Wolf says:

    We should all go to Greenland 🙂 

  7. Onur Gunduz says:

    2:40 – "radiation overdose"? I thought pretty much any (unwarranted) radiation wasn't good for you…

  8. WAR HOG says:

    theirs never gonna be a nuclear war. everyone would see it coming and they would also set nukes off to just not gonna happen..

  9. ok now thats really scary

  10. Duvmasta says:

    You forgot to put the end in happened…

  11. Nukes are way overrated

  12. Why would the middle east,Russia,and the USA and other countries think of ww3 if it happen it won't be no tommorow cuz all civilization will be in ruins plus I live close to two major cities NYC and Washington d,c and I'm in philadelphia mainly all humans will die and most survivors will be mutants I had a vision about ww3 happening on September 23 2015

  13. Head Butt says:

    Russia has a bomb called Tsar Bomba,it's a nuke that can literally destroy the northern hemisphere

  14. Blither box says:

    If they start nuking cities won't people object and quit their jobs, march in protests and demand justice ? They can't nuke everybody. Not all at once anyway.

  15. Ricky Gowda says:

    17000 nukes this is maddness

  16. WW3 will be the last WW

  17. But who would of causes

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