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What is Illuminati? in Hindi/Urdu

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45 Responses

  1. Moreen Jawed says:

    tell us about free mason

  2. sam says:

    Do they die normal or not

  3. sam says:

    bro is illuminate written in Koran too

  4. Fazal brohi says:

    jazaqallah. my frnd for information. main life main first time yeh name sunraha hun

  5. Your Vision says:

    Lailaha illala ho muhammad un rasool allah.

  6. Maria Ch says:

    exactly Allah almighty is only 1 even Hazrat Eesa A.S is not son of God

  7. Mix Wix says:

    there are about 75000 version of bible which is true?

  8. I love to joined them

  9. raju masih says:

    So nice information ABBA YHWH PAK bless you

  10. Ali Jan says:

    keep it up bro.. Slute you

  11. Beda Biswas says:

    there is no saitan. All is god/isvar .

  12. max son says:

    thanks for uploading video

  13. Faraz Yousuf says:

    no one is. like a allah

  14. Yaar iss sey bura maine aaj tk kuch nhi dekha

  15. chutiye ho tum log kuch bhi bolte ho

  16. hafiz ramzan says:

    itni search quran or Islam py kro.

  17. Raza Butt says:

    Hame sirf Allah par yaqeen hai

  18. abe jaa bhosdikeeeeeeeeeee

  19. Thanks bro for knowledge

  20. ye 13 nasle sare yahoodi hai

  21. great video
    Jesus bless you

  22. tum khud e illuminant lagthey ho nehitho kyse janty ho yeah sab I guess sab kuch tumari khud ki sat milty hein??

  23. Almas app ne 1 video me FOX world ko expose kiya tha, jese FOX NEWS, FOX MOVIES wagera. kindly woh video kon c thi

  24. All of your videos are very spicy and shocking you have power to convince :
    i have a question if Illuminati have the power to influence so why they are hiding their self's ?
    why they did not banned this type of material from YouTube?
    what is the sayings of ''The Last Divine Book'' QURAN MAJEED says about ILLUMINATI?
    please answer
    one by one

  25. wo assassins creed bhi iluminati ke under he na uspe video banao

  26. sir Saif Ali Khan ki happy ending bhi illuminati production mai bani hai

  27. sar app video editor kunsa use karty hai

  28. Huda Fatima says:

    ap koun hn ….??

  29. i think you are itself illuminati

  30. Mawi Sonu says:

    why don't u pronounce ur name in right way man… ???

  31. bilal nazir says:

    Nice job Almas

  32. thanx almas bhai

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  34. why they do not preaching??

  35. please tell me fb id?

  36. I m Muslim I know you are absolutely right

  37. bakwas gandu channel

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