What Is Space? – Full Documentary



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  1. Thomas Magee says:

    Is this experiment not dangerous, ????????

  2. jaglinuxmint says:

    Awesome video very informative. liked and shared immediately.

  3. I think its a mistake to tell time is not absolute, because in reality it is absolute, even if time goes faster from one observer to the other, and the reason is that no matter how slow or fast you are going on time, you have to live every nano second of time, there is no cheating or shortcuts, so in reality time is absolute.

  4. smart451cab says:

    This channel is a fraud. It's poster is a LIAR!
    This video originally aired on November 2, 2011 … NOT 2015.
    Thumbs down for deceit.

  5. kratos son says:

    so why is the moon moving away from the eath

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