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The Illuminati ( plural of Latin Illuminatus , ” enlightened ” ) is the name given to several groups , both real and fictitious . Historically , the name refers to the Bavarian …


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  1. jake soto says:

    The video asks us not to pass this video off as just a conspiracy theory, but then uses bible verses and pure speculation, claiming Weishaupt was a satanist, and rothschild a lucierian supporter, then claiming "Angels and Demons" is a realistic source of truthful information… then alleges that what a single lawyer claims is purely factual, then cites a TV news article as their only actual supportable claim at all… this is really stupid.

  2. jake soto says:

    "Illuminati" is a latin word, so if you claim it to be luciferian, you're also calling the language the bible is written in partially luciferian to say the least, secondly, the claims that the Illuminati were satanist originated from the same man that wanted his religion to be state mandate.. the same man that outlawed the illuminati in Bavaria, they weren't satanist, nor luciferian, nor religious, they were Atheists whom supported equal rights for women, another thing that made them controversial…

  3. jake soto says:

    plus you're quoting the bible… a book translated dozens of times, also rewritten completely at least twice (because no previous copy was present at the time of the revision)… so uh, yeah… plus the firs writings present in the bible was written at least 50 years AFTER the death of christ… most of which was written down was also remembered by word of mouth…
    Illuminists aren't "communist"… they were politically independant, liberal at most…

  4. Damian Rucci says:

    Alfred Pike became a disgruntled officer when Jefferson Davis disbanded his auxiliary troops in 1840? That was 21 years before Jefferson Davis became President of the CSA and he was never President of the USA… and modern history reflects Neitzche did not influence Fasicsm an the Nazis corrupted his philosophy. Please research before making videos.

    And Alfred Pike's prediction were actually written in the 20th century by a forger. This is known. I love a good conspiracy, but come on man.

  5. Is that the pink sheep from explodingtnt

  6. James Claude says:

    Check to see who really wrote the Protocols of Zion. Also, Leo Taxil. Also, Albert Pike was on his last legs BEFORE the Communist Manifesto was published.  

    ThreeWorldWars.com is the originator of this deception. Others took it, and ran with the ball: Guy Carr's book "Pawns in the Game"  was an "interpretation" of Pike.

    A lesson from Dick Cheney: "Say it enough times, and people will begin to believe it" – e.g. "weapons of mass destruction".

    A history major suggests: ALWAYS check your sources ! Beware of those peddling book$, dvd$ and fear…

  7. Finally! I found pink sheep "secret channel" 

  8. Stan Fomenko says:

    40:17 the sign Drake uses a lot

  9. I can tell from the open disclaimer that this documentary is a shit stain piece of garbage. Please suspend reason and rationality in order to believe this bullshit.

  10. LORDEZE7 says:

    It's amazing how this Illuminati bullshit has taken a life of it's own thanks to the internet. It is basically a meme at this point. An internet urban legend that newcomers all flirt with at one time or another during their travels on the internet. I love videos like these that tie the Bible into this as if it's relevant.

    Bible prophecy is so vague that you could apply it to ANY conspiracy theory. Use the scientific method people. This is embarrassing.

  11. knossis1 says:

    Such a gross misinterpretation of scripture its ridiculous. A huge case of the blind trying to lead the blind. Both will always fall into a pit.

  12. knossis1 says:

    What this guy doesn't understand is that the bible is against patriotism, is against all man made nations or city states, the bible is against every organized false religion, of which Christianity is one. The stories contained with in the bible repeatedly state to come out of her my people. To come out of Egypt, come out of Babylon, come out of Greece, Rome etc. Pretty much it tells the true follower of the God of the heavens to leave man made city states behind and follow the heavenly Father to a better place, a better existence. So it seems oxy moronic for someone to use the bible in this type of video to try and pass judgment on men who want to get rid of patriotism, bordered nations etc when the goal of the bible is the same thing. This guy can't see the forest for the trees. He wants to be saved by the bible yet he wants to hold onto democracy, patriotism, his chosen nation and other man made institutions. He doesn't realize that all of these things are bad. America is just as evil as the illuminati. It was founded in conspiracy, it was secured through blood shed and murder. The revolution was led and controlled by the elite of this nation. The men who owned the land, controlled the news outlets and created the currency. The common man was just a tool who was easily manipulated to fight on the battlefield for a cause they knew nothing about. History is usually written by the victor, so we look at the revolutionary war through rose colored glasses. We have been indoctrinated since birth to believe America is something to hold on to, something to believe in, something to fight and die for. But if you truly look at how this nation was founded, what kind of fruit this nation has produced. You soon see that it's nothing of the sort. When it comes to man made systems, they are all the same. They are all evil. So does it really matter if we are governed by individual nation states, or a NWO when the end result is the same. We will still be governed, we will still be ruled, and the elites will still be on top. This is why the bible repeatedly says to come out of all man made systems, none of them will amount to much of anything. They will meet their end naturally. Time and nature will always subdue any man made beast. No matter if it is by earthquake, hurricane or flood, every man made system will be torn down. So it makes little sense to get caught up in every new conspiracy theory out there. For even if you could tear down the systems in place and built a new one, it would soon be just as messed up as the one it replaced. History has proven that, time and time again. The root of all this evil is money, not the illuminati. And we all have money in our pocket and contribute to the evil of this world.

  13. eric irawan says:

    half life 3 confirmed

  14. luis banos says:

    So much evidence and you are still to ignorant to see things clearly .

  15. we're living in the last days.

  16. Kevin Lunt says:

    Listen, I believe in quite a few conspiracy theories, and I do agree that many of the individual problems pointed out in this documentary are real and severe (America trying to rule and police the world, loss of civil liberties, The Fed, Skull and Bones, corruption in the U.N., CFR, Agenda 21, the bullshit War on Terror, etc). But not ALL these problems are interconnected, and I do NOT believe they are all the product of one master organization that has existed for hundreds of years. Stuff like this is making the whole truthers and conspiracy theorists community look bad. Focus on the problems and organizations that have a KNOWN existence (the things I mentioned above). If they are all controlled by some secret bunch of guys in a dark room, once we solve those problems, it won't matter anyway.

  17. that sounds like the pink sheep from minecraft

  18. henry mckee says:

    there should be no wars, religion, or 1 human better than the other

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