What is the Illuminati ? ( Documentary ) – Part 2


intended to be a starting point for beginners , a way to convince skeptics or simply something to get people to think . KilluminatiSHS – What is the Illuminati …


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  1. kirkstokes19 says:

    Awesome channel,keep it going

  2. Atrocious says:

    Guess this can be another reason weed is illegal.. it started making me wonder things that I probably shouldn't..

  3. I think weed should be legalized, all the arguments against it can be used for alcohol, tobacco etc., which are far worse anyway, and weed has health benefits, a saying: "God made weed, man made booze, who do you trust.".

  4. majorpayne59 says:

    It's sooo many check collectors in the school system. The teacher at 10:00 that provoked this student should have been investigated and disciplined!

  5. i never could anwser that question when i was little too , what u wanna be when u grow up great vid peace

  6. Your videos are so fascinating and inspiring *0* they just open my mind so much, thank you and keep doing what you're doing 🙂

  7. Thank you so much xD, and I will carry on 😀

  8. Tu Nghi says:

    Hey there,
    First i gotta say that this vid is soo inspiring that i get goose bump.
    But honestly im still very confused about the illuminati… i dont know what should i believe and whats real whats fake… what is their main purpose? Like what is their goal? And r they a from "the devil"?

  9. Post 1.

    Thank you 🙂

    There is definitely a huge amount of confusion and none of us know everything about them even now, but there are some things we do know, but opinions vary a lot, there are some religious people such as christians and muslims who associate the illuminati with the antichrist and the devil, and some believe the illuminati created religion as a way of controlling the masses and a "mind prison" that is designed to create fear.

  10. Post 2.

    Their goal is also very ambiguous, but most people believe they intend to put humans in to slavery and bring an orwellian state (akin to George Orwell's 1984), where the government monitors people and is heavily controlled. Also, they can further achieve this by making us think we are powerless and making us live just for materialistic "pleasures", such as drinking alcohol and having sex and taking drugs.

    In my future videos I will try and explain stuff like this 🙂

  11. Tu Nghi says:

    Wow thanks a lot !
    That explains so much.
    Here in vietnam the government and society is just rotten. Haha
    Anyways keep up the good work!

  12. No problem 🙂

    I will keep making videos 🙂

  13. MasonsFate says:

    Can someone really explain what illuminati

  14. Have you saw my other videos, they give a decent introduction. So basically these guys are the force working higher than presidents the big corporations etc. and the technical name might not even be the "illuminati" but its a name us truthers use to mean the global conspiracy.

  15. Aziz Bux says:

    This Tells us a sign All the Black singers believe In Illuminati Jay-z Rihanna Beyonce Wtf is tis!!! Fyck you devil!!!!!!

  16. Killuminati!!!!!!!! I hope we make a change soon put at end to all this madness I know were number to them but together we can defeat them us against them!!! We are at war people!!!

  17. RSpker000 says:

    We outnumber them more than a 100 to 1

  18. Magz says:

    You don't know what a illuminati is cause your not one you fuck!!go suck a dick

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