What Is The Ku Klux Klan?


Subscribe! http://bitly.com/1iLOHml Recently, the federal government investigated a possible lynching in Mississippi. The investigation reignited scrutiny towards …


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  1. LSM EVE says:

    "What is the KKK"


  2. Kingdom Kupa Keep… No one gets the reference? Okay crawls back in hole

  3. Well I know what dose KKK mean

  4. they will change they know its wrong

  5. Why arent the kkk aressted they tourture 9eople

  6. I swear in my whole life I never never never never never heard of KKK

  7. i maybe wrong but…

    ..I think we need hitler back

  8. Zami 777 says:

    I must destroy this society

  9. hayato zami says:

    When i was new in america someone yeled at me by me saying im KKK, i didnt know what is kkk all i know is the filipino definition of KKK
    Just google what it means, it means a good things

  10. Are they good or bad towards racism I don't get it ?

  11. umm i live in the southern reigon…

  12. the kkk is actually is XD black people

  13. cheapkah lol says:

    kkk is the best, nigga all make crime….

  14. Bencam_123 says:

    They look like bad ghosts wearing bed sheets

  15. ……..Now wtf…………when i was little like 8….i made a minecraft world named kkk wtf…

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