What is the Spear of Destiny


Leonard Nimoy voiced a novel like conspiracy of “Spear of Longinus.”


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  1. killgreed says:

    Mr. Nimoy was a jew, & this is batshit crazy?

  2. Gerry C says:

    This does not seem to be well written or factual. Spock said that the Nazi's and Hitler saw the spear and was mesmerized by it as if he had no idea what it was. The fact is Hitler was obsessed with it for decades and went to the museum to see it hundreds of times during his youth and as a young aspiring artists made hundreds of pictures of it. All well before WWI.


  4. Sword says:

    When the Lord Jesus returns He will deal withall of those that pierced Him , ie users and peoples of the "spear of destiny "

  5. I want this spear!

  6. I should look for the spear

  7. What I really liked about this documentary is the end when he said that it does not really matter if it is real because it is only what the people think it is that matters. Just as faith is!

  8. badweetabix says:

    If Spock say so, it must be true.

  9. Paul UK says:

    Wait up… where does the part about the Roman who lanced Christ having an infected eye cured by Christ's blood falling on him, appear in the Gospels? I've never read that. And the Gospel of John is considered the least reliable of the 4 Apostle Gospels, it differs greatly to the Synoptic Gospels.

  10. ian ramdhan says:

    More important… Why don't they use t he Spear of Destiny to fight in Iraq and the other places? Why don;t they use the cross now to bring back the dean now? Prove it is what they say it is? My guess they can't because its all a ton of bull crap!

  11. Kevin Mallen says:

    Honestly, I'm going to break ranks here and say something off the cuff that I know is going to be misinterpreted in some way in the future.

    I honestly don't see how "The Cross" and "The Spear used to pierce Christs' side" are in any way Christian. One depicts the mechanism of his execution by the Romans; and the other the means of proving he had died. People shouldn't be worshipping the symbols of Christ's death. They should be revering his life and resurrection.

  12. Jim Douglas says:

    46 minutes to describe The Spear of Destiny….. the spear used to pierce the side of Jesus??????

  13. Jim Douglas says:

    I think that part of Hitler's obsession with The Spear of Destiny wasn't about power but a confirmation for retribution against the Jews for having murdered Jesus????

  14. Jim Douglas says:

    In so saying this it must be remembered that it was the Zionists who called for Jesus's murder and not the average Jew.

  15. Ol Rappaport says:

    At 1:24 the commentator states that Hitler issued an order to arrest all the Jews in Vienna (in March 1938) I have documents showing that many Jews were not arrested then, and indeed that my father-in-law, his mother, aunt and brother all escaped Austria in the following two years.

    All of which show that documentary is not an accurate account, but a work of fiction, so sit back and enjoy it as such, just don't believe it.

  16. 1:30 The first lie. Had to stop. Can't listen to lies. Hitler had absolutely zero intentions of taking over the entire world. I would slaughter every Jew on the planet for that single lie alone. He begged the dick sucker Churchhill practically to see reason and get off of the Jewish Cocks and be a man. But Churchhill addicted to that Jewish come in his fat stomach, was motivated by greed and controlled by the Jewish central banks of the Roth Childs. Same as the American government which lost ball freedom when we gave the Jews our soul in 1913 and lost our gold standard in exchange for a centralized Jewish bank. Thanks juice and thanks Shabbot Goyim who sucks the Jews cock.

  17. I recognized this voice of narrator….. Morgan freeman ….."

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