What Race Were These Actors Trying To Play?


“I’ve been training all my life and I’m still struggling with the role.” Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo! http://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedvideo MUSIC …


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  1. So apparently Hawaii isn't a part of the United states?

  2. lily d says:

    I guessed them all right, but I do see the problem.

  3. uggg this whole video ?

  4. For me, if there was a white woman auditioning for a Latina role, and she did better than the women who auditioned that were Latina, then yes I would hire the white woman. Same goes for genders, if a man tries out for a woman's roe and he had the best audition, then I would make him look the part for that role. It's not always about skin color or gender in the movie industry, it's about the talent and the opportunities given.

  5. Funny how they kept the black women saying there are too many Afro-Cuban people, like wtf buzzfeed DAS RACIST

  6. "She looks like Rachel Dolezal" LMAOOOOOOO

  7. why blame the actors? i mean yeah it's wrong but tbh if i were offered a role like this and it was the beginning of my career i'd take it in a snap. And even if you didn't need the role, it's the writers and casting director's jobs to choose racially accurate people, not the actors.

  8. The Siphon says:

    If the studio knows an actor that is perfect for the role, but she is white, why should they waste a perfect character?

  9. Marilu Uribe says:

    I was just waiting for the sombrero

  10. Sofia Rosie says:

    If you can change white roles to PC roles, why can't you change POC roles to white roles?

  11. Wait… "There are too many Afro-cubans in the world"???

  12. Phalxxx says:

    For actors – It's offensive to (some) people to play a race you are not. It's offensive to (some) people to play a gender you are not. I'm sure it's offensive to (some) people to play a sexual orientation you are not. This has happened over time, and I think over time it will get more and more specific. Will it ever get so bad for someone to play a different nationality, job, family role (such as playing a father if you don't really have kids), etc, etc.. A large part of acting is being something you are not. There has to be some leeway for that. I just don't know how to address the issue of finding the line between that and unnecessary racial caricature.

  13. i'm so sorry, but the Indian girl gets mad about Indian Ashton, but still they have twin noses… I said I'm sorry!!!!

  14. There´s only one race though, human race.

  15. Kaylee Schr says:

    Angelina doesn't even look dutch and i am wtf

  16. This why I'm sub'd!Great vid!!!!

  17. Lamawisdom says:

    I like how buzzfeed is trying to actually deny facts. Did you know that people in africa or india actually look different comparerd to others or compared to each other? Wow! People look different depending on where they're from. That's not a stereotype, it's a fact.

    Yeah it would be so fun to watch 12 years a slave with white slaves.

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