What Really is Magnetism? : Documentary on the Science of Magnetism (Full Documentary)


What Really is Magnetism? : Documentary on the Science of Magnetism (Full Documentary). …


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  1. Barry Hughes says:

    Short answer….nobody knows.

  2. We live on a massive magnet.!

  3. Really, science does not have a clue how magnetism or gravity works. How do you connect two metal plates through magnetism or one planet to another through gravity? What is talking from one to the other to attract it? Where can such tremendous forces that can pull one planet around another be coming from? They don't know. Gravitons that travel faster than the speed of light? Almost certainly not.

    I personally think it has more to do with what used to be called the aether, the thing that fills all space with an energy that we know nothing about. That would explain gravity, magnetism, the weak force, the strong force…

  4. AHHH yes. Lets learn from the Talmud-Vision about magnetism – The same people who perpetuate the myth of Relativity (which has 0 tangible uses or inventions related to it), and which was originally invented by Henri Poincare (french mathematician famous for Relativity and Random Walk) – but was nevertheless attributed to an idiot patent office clerk who was ridiculed by every scientist of his time (including Tesla) and whose only notable patent (aside from stealing relativity) was a refrigerator patent… BTFO

  5. MrCHINBAG says:

    just like mecca?

  6. Billy Willy says:

    Or, as Feynman described in his Lectures in Physics, vol 2, the Magnetic Field is the relativistic component of the Electric Field.

  7. Quite frankly, we do not understand the forces of gravity, magnetism and electricity, space and time, and energy and mass. We can measure them, but do not understand them. As we work out the details of what's going on…. we will change our world! We need to spend more on partical research !!

  8. Mike* says:

    is it possible our ancient ancesters used magnetism right from the earth to move thousands of 200 ton granite stones to build the pyramids and in fact most all of the great wonders of the world…  did they know something that we don,t know yet..?

  9. @46:00
    Four fundamental forces?? No Dark Energy?? And PLEASE.. can you idiots start using the temperature scale of Kelvin used by the civilized? 350 degrees below zero?!

  10. Gravity is not a force at all.

  11. Fjampy says:

    The intro is 44 seconds long! OH GOD

  12. Bynni Weber says:

    Such a horrible background noise, absolutely not necessary even destroying!

  13. 07NV16… This is very interesting. Even tho itwas produced in 1992!!!!! Think how far we have come along…OR not!

  14. nazret net says:

    Dark matter & dark energy might be ELECTROMAGNET > ELECTRIC/MAGNET

    Scientists are weasting their time by looking for Dark Matter & Dark Energy. The answer they have been looking for is photon, and electromagnts.

    from the Observer

  15. Siward Beorn says:

    total rhetoric of supposition !!! yawn

  16. jn john says:

    Magnetism is the resonance of awareness….

  17. This actually looks like the place where the muslims pray around the holy stone in Mekka ?

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