What’s New At Tackle Warehouse w. Matt Solorio – 6/15/16


To purchase the products featured in this link click here – http://www.tacklewarehouse.com/vlogpage.html?ccode=WNTW038 Everything New At Tackle …


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  1. the scam shad is already made by zoom

  2. good review Matt

  3. chiseler looks dope I'd wacky rig that

  4. Finally they put the bbz mackerel and sardine color

  5. Hey Tackle Warehouse. First off, your staff is awesome and both extremely knowledgable and helpful. Please add more footage of lures in use in your videos. I immediately clicked the like button when I saw the underwater footage and apparently so did other people. The footage gives the buyer a better idea of the baits potential. Thanks guys, great video.

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