What’s the Goal of the Police State Surveillance Grid?


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Another week goes by, and another scandal emerges with regard to the continued police state surveillance grid thanks to recent revelations coming out of Judicial Watch.

This article takes a long look at the police state surveillance grid and attempts to answer two questions (1) How pervasive is the grid? and, (2) To what purpose is the grid being developed? First let’s take a look at the latest government involved spy scandal which totally violates the Constitutional rights of our citizens.

What’s the Goal of the Police State Surveillance Grid

Judicial Watch and the Latest Spy Scandal

Judicial Watch President, Tom Fitton, in light of stunning and illegal spying activities on the part of the Obama administration stated that “The Obama administration’s warrantless collection of the private financial information of millions of Americans is mind-blowing. Is there anything that this administration thinks it can’t do? These documents show that the Consumer Financial Protection Board is an out-of-control government agency that threatens the fundamental privacy and financial security of Americans. This is every bit as serious as the controversy over the NSA’s activities.”

cfpbIt is now being widely reported that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has revealed that the organization has spent millions of dollars on the “warrantless” collection, analysis and distribution of the financial transactions of private American citizens. The CFPB contractors are required to provide this information with government agencies such as the FBI, DHS, NSA and IRS.

Judicial Watch, through the filing of a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) in April of 2013 has just learned the following:

  • A provision stipulating that “The contractor recognizes that, in performing this requirement, the Contractor may obtain access to non-public, confidential information, Personally Identifiable Information (PII), or proprietary information.”

  • A stipulation that “The Contractor may be required to share credit card data collected from the Banks with additional government entities as directed by the Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR).”  (Judicial Watch).

At the present time and as a result of  the CFPB data collection program, the US Chamber of Commerce has accused the CFPB of breaking the law by demanding the account-level data without a warrant or National Security Letter. And still nothing has been done and no criminal or corporate official will ever take the perp walk for these crimes against Americans.

The net effect of what we are looking at in the Judicial Watch revelations is that NOTHING that you do financially is private. The government is aware of your every move, indexes the information and likely creates a personal matrix of your financial habits.

I have also learned that the CFPB is controlled by the Federal Reserve Board and as a result has no public oversight.

The net effect is that your emails, phone calls, fax transmissions, travel habits (as tracked by your cell phone), your medical records and now your investment, spending and savings habits are public record. And this is only the tip of the iceberg.

What Is the Extent of the Illegal Government Spying?

nsa im watching you


In large part, Americans are outraged at the recent revelations that agencies such as the NSA are conducting illegal and unconstitutional spying activities on American citizens without probable cause. However, very few people ever ask what is the extent of the spying? If people actually took the time to look at this, the level of fear that the people have towards its government would skyrocket.

The best case scenario to justify this kind of spying is representative of a Reuters report which surfaced in 2011 which stated that the NSA shares intelligence with Wall Street banks in the name of “battling hackers.” Therefore, as NSA Director Alexander recently stated, that the NSA must spy on you to protect you. These reasons, even if valid, do not successfully mitigate the violation of privacy and illegal search as defined in the Fourth Amendment.

Fusion Centers

Fusion Center Command and Control

Fusion Center Command and Control

The ACLU speaks about “Fusion Centers” which is a mixture of military, intelligence agency and private corporations set up in selected and fortified centers throughout the country. Ostensibly, Fusion Centers are run by the Department of Justice and Department of Homeland Security. The ACLU felt that the unbridled sharing of information could provide an unfair advantage to government preferred contractors and ultimately force smaller businesses, not playing in the same game of crony capitalism, to go out of business.

A 2008 Department of Homeland Security Privacy Office review of Fusion centers concluded that they presented risks to privacy because of ambiguous lines of authority, rules and oversight, intrusive private sector data mining, excessive secrecy, often produced inaccurate or incomplete information and the missions frequently exceeded their mission objectives. Even more disturbing was the side reference made about the civilian spy program, the FBI’s Infraguard, which found that they provided intelligence information to large corporations prior to surrendering the information to elected officials. To those who think the government exists to serve the corporations, you apparently thought correctly.

What all of this boils down to is that we have proof positive that selected agencies of the government are engaged in flagrantly illegal spying on American citizens and both the President and the Congress know about it and are seemingly powerless and/or desirous to stop it!

An Opportunity to Wake Up the Sheep

 "I reckon them conspiracy theorists were right."

“I reckon them conspiracy theorists were right.”

Some of us in the alternative media have been aware of much of the capabilities and the extent of the spying that has been going on. Due to recent revelations in the mainstream media, Ma and Pa Kettle from Sheepleville, USA, now have at their fingertips incontrovertible proof of the following:

       The NSA spies on every electronic communication of every American 24/7/365

  • ·         Google, Yahoo, Facebook, et al., provide all your communications histories as well as your search patterns and internet destinations to the alphabet soup agencies

      The NSA knows who you meet with by matching cell phone proximities and then assigns a weighted system and assigns a threat matrix score based upon the length of contact between you and the “person of interest.” Cell phone tracking lets these rogue agencies know if you are applying and interviewing for a job, are having an affair or any other damn thing that is not their business. The same surveillance is being conducted by traffic cameras and private video surveillance which are now interlinked more often than not.

  • ·         Intellistreets, the light poles which provide dramatic surveillance capabilities, including facial recognition software, will soon be everywhere after having completed their Beta test in Farmington Hills, MI.
  • ·        Unwarranted and unsanctioned “Brown Shirt” agencies such as Infraguard are violating American privacy rights everyday as well as circumventing any form of Congressional oversight.
  • ·         The IRS harasses and intimidates political organizations which are not on board with the police state surveillance grid.

         Attorney General Holder and President Obama can illegally spy on gun owners and try to take away the Second Amendment rights of veterans while at the same time, ships guns to the drug cartels in Mexico in what is known as Operation Fast and Furious.

  • ·        Journalists, such as Breitbart and Hastings, are murdered for blowing the whistle on many of these clandestine and unconstitutional government programs.
  • ·        Your credit card company, the major credit agencies, even your grocery store through discount cards and your cell phone provider, have all betrayed their customers trust by providing uncensored information about you regarding your communication patterns as well as your eating and spending habits.
  • ·        We have no fly lists which prevent ordinary people from flying, not because they have been convicted of doing something wrong, but because they presumably have the wrong views. And amazingly, we cannot discover if we are even on that list and when we do discover it through denial of service, one cannot get off the list. And history shows that where government begins to maintain secret persecutory lists of average citizens, there are more ominous lists with very draconian overtones. In short, this is called tyranny and it often has led to genocide.

What nobody ever talks about is why do these out of control agencies need to spy on and record our every movement?

Hypotheses Related to the Purpose of the Police State Surveillance Grid

As a former college basketball coach one of my primary duties was to gather as much information about our upcoming opponent in a direct effort to control and subdue our opponent. This is the purpose of any intelligence gathering activity whether we are talking about scouting sports teams or spying on our enemies. When one considers this fact and combines this fact with the realization that DHS has recently purchased 2.2 billion rounds of ammunition and acquired 2700 armored personnel carriers as well as the passage of the NDAA and Executive Order 13603, we need to sit up and take notice of the new era that we now live in.

Based upon this conglomeration of proven facts, we can conclude at minimum that the following is true:

  1.   The American people are the enemy of the state because we are incessantly being spied upon.
  2. 2.    The alphabet soup agencies, under the direction of DHS, are preparing to go to war with average citizens of the United States.
  3. 3.    As in any conflict between a government and its people it is safe to say that there will be horrific atrocities committed on both sides.
  4. 4.    As pointed out earlier, there are confirmed enemies of the state lists (no fly, MIAC report, etc). This greatly increases the chances that there is indeed that rumored “Red List” with people who are targeted for immediate elimination with extreme prejudice when martial law is rolled out. And there is probably a “Blue List” which targets less threatening undesirables with incarceration and slave labor (e.g. Civilian Inmate Labor Program– Army Regulation 210-35).
  5. We can debate the means and methods of the tyranny (e.g. FEMA camps, etc.), however, in a country with 300 million privately owned guns and a national police force which is arming to the teeth, it is safe to say that a train wreck of epic proportions lies in our near future.

Where Is All of This Headed?

If the people and select agencies of the government are indeed racing towards conflict, what form will it take? Will we have outright civil war or will the people respond to the conflict with the only means available to an inferior opponent and engage in a guerrilla war? Unless major portions of the military decide to abandon the course they have set upon and tangle with more globalist friendly forces, it is likely that the upcoming conflict will be guerrilla warfare in nature.

In recent weeks, I have immersed myself in the readings about past civil wars and insurrections, not just in our history, but across the planet. There are clear patterns that countries follow when descending into this abyss of absolute chaos. We in the alternative media have been debating for years if a police state actually exists and how pervasive is the influence of this unwarranted power. We now we have our answers as to the police state capabilities and how invasive is the practice. The next phase of our debate will likely center on what type of conflict are we involved in and where is it headed?

guerrilla war


The goal of the police state surveillance grid is to gather intelligence information about the American people prior to subduing them by force.

In history, a common rule of thumb states that we are not good judges of our recent history for about 20 years. Therefore, it is very difficult to look at our present struggles and definitively define where we are at as a nation. However, some patterns are clearly emerging.  After studying the patterns of strife between citizens and their past rogue governments, it is becoming increasingly clear that the United States has entered into the first stages of a guerrilla war. I was very surprised by this discovery, but the facts seem clear.

In the following articles, I will attempt to apply the lessons of history as we attempt to determine the type and nature of conflict that the United States government and its people are facing in the near future.

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