When did World War 3 Begin?


Fred Harrison asks ? When did the third World War Begin ? Fred Harrison explores the risk of World War III in his book The Society traumatized …


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  1. Listening to Fred Harrison, I am reminded of the historical analysis of James Burke's series Connections, in which he identified the many triggers that changed the course of history. Fred takes us back in time to reveal the triggers for periodic crises. For a time, North America provided a powerful safety valve from the inevitable. Yet, even then, the founders of the American republic — led by George Washington — fostered and embraced land speculation as THE path to personal wealth.

  2. N. Korea may be the trigger. China is the intended audience for our military display. Our defense contractors could not be more delighted. Then there is the rearming of Japan, China's worst nightmare. The misstep may be ours.

  3. @MorallyBankruptUK & Mr Patterson.
    Please listen and understand to what Fred was saying. The Chinese are not a trigger for WW3. It all boils down to economics. Fred gave wonderful examples which led to WW1 andWW2. Boom & Bust. How can it be eliminated? There is a cure, which is capturing "unearned income" and "economic rent", which in layman's term, when appropriated by private individuals and organizations, is "economic freeloading".

    Get this propaganda out of your heads.

  4. tiburonsmoke says:

    Thought provoking as always. I just wish Fred would be a little more vocal with his commentaries, particularly on the depression that nobody is calling a depression. Renegade or reclusive economist?
    I loved the track(s) at the end of the video. Can anybody tell me what music was used?

  5. Peter Smith says:

    The music is from 'Nick the Fish' who is my best mate. He plays in and around Devon. The track is Change our World from his Album flying away. There is a link to the track in the video description

  6. no one can expect but North Korea may be Powerfull,and china will support NK.SO beware USA solders.
    this is not innocent IRAQ,and AFGANISTAN,its a north korea,really powerfull.this time USA will face amny problems around the world.this is naked truth.

  7. luke1078 says:

    Why is he talking to an empty space?

  8. tiburonsmoke says:

    Thank you. I'll check it out. : )

  9. To show nobody is listening maybe??

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