Which Came First? Whooping Cough Or Vaccine?


by Zen Gardner

Here we go again. So called “flu season”. Get your shots everybody, and watch the flu cases skyrocket!

I saw the following headline, and knowing a similar outbreak of whooping cough happened around the same time last year in San Diego following a whooping cough vaccination drive that left 2/3rds of those vaccinated with actual whooping cough, I decided to dig into this. And sure enough, the real truth is buried deep inside this disgusting piece of lying propaganda.

Headline in NY 29/11:

Whooping Cough Outbreak Spreads On Long Island; More Than 200 Cases Reported

First, the fearmongering:

LINDENHURST, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) – An alarming rise in a potentially fatal bacterial infection known as whooping cough has prompted a warning from the Suffolk County Health Department.

It’s a tell-tale sign winter is coming — children and their colds.

But what’s going around this year is a potentially fatal bacterial cough known as pertussis or whooping cough, reports CBS 2’s Emily Smith.

Now fan the fear, throw in a good batch of disinfo, and sell the vaccines:

“That’s kind of scary. I wonder what’s going on, why this outbreak started. What’s going on?” one resident asked.

“They get colds at home. They bring it on the bus. They bring it to school. They’re bringing it home,” a school bus driver told WCBS 880 Long Island Bureau Chief Mike Xirinachs.

Hello. Everyone knows the schools are the breeding grounds for these sicknesses. It’s completely the opposite.

What’s causing this sudden and sharp rise in whooping cough has yet to be determined, said Dr. Dennis Russo with the Suffolk County Health Department. He said it might be as simple as more doctors are detecting and diagnosing it, or it could be an increase in some parents’ decision to forgo vaccinating their kids.

“We like to have everyone vaccinated and create a cocoon effect, so that everyone around them is vaccinated and the disease is milder,” Dr. Russo said.

“I’m not too concerned because my son has the vaccine,” added Maria Sangiorgi of Lindenhurst.

Ah, the snuggly wuggly “cocoon effect”—as in “everybody gets it or else!”

But let’s keep reading, shall we?

Health officials said early detection and antibiotic treatment are the keys to better health and preventing the spread of whooping cough.

The majority of the students who have been infected with whooping cough had been immunized, which health officials said may account for their milder illness.

Babies who are not yet fully immunized are the most at risk of death from the infection. (source)


“The majority of the students who have been infected with whooping cough had been immunized, which health officials said may account for their milder illness.” ….???

Hey super duper investigative reporter…check out the connection? No, they run right into one final scare that unvaccinated babies are “the most at risk of DEATH from the infection.”

Outrage doesn’t begin to describe it.



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