Who Is Post Malone? The “White Iverson” Rapper Talks About His Upcoming Debut Album


The man behind “White Iverson” talks about loving country music and being an “industry plant.” Subscribe to Complex for More: http://goo.gl/PJeLOl Check out …


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  1. E99Y.O says:

    I say let's see if his more then just a one hit wonder but I'm feeling as time stands right now

  2. I love how he pronounce "skull" as "school"

  3. boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo????????????????????????????????? to you

  4. lol this dude has a nice voice but his lyrics are absoulte trash

  5. I hate people who don't like your music you're such a good singer

  6. He is not pretty

  7. do he want to die Young

  8. i like yiu as a friend

  9. I got beats for you post

  10. Stack Figgaz says:

    real niggaz support and look out for each other.

  11. He said crispy….

  12. Dont sleep on post malone

  13. saradriedger says:

    why the fuck does it matter if he's white or black ? I like this song

  14. everybody talks about how he looks or what his skin color is none of that matters he's a good singer and he seems like a really sweet guy stop worrying about skin color and looks!!

  15. man i love this guy.

  16. ΛJJ says:

    138 people didn't start ballin when they were young

  17. Rathlo says:

    haha he looks like anything4views

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