Who Is REALLY At The Top Of The New World Order? Who Rules Flat Earth 2 Jesuits or Zionists?


I would like to remark about the ‘monetizing’ of my channel, I will do a piece devoted to the topic, but i hoped most recognized that we never ‘make money’ doing this, notably as a ‘truther’, or a ‘Flat Earther’… The factor is the adverts will be there possibly way… youtube places them on all videos just after a particular number of views, so, if they are heading to be there anyhow, and you however have to click ‘skip ad’ … would you relatively I not be the just one to benefit from it? Should really I just permit youtube monetize my content material? I hope you understand my pondering there… also, most flat earther’s and truthers inquire for cash donations or set up ‘go-fund me’ strategies, or consider to provide you items, there’s absolutely nothing mistaken with that, it is just not my model, not a thing I am comfy with. You can relaxation assured the small total I obtain just about every couple months, WILL Basically go back into my videos! aside from the time, strength and sanity that doing this operate consistently charges me, I’ve experienced to invest in a total new cpu just after my good just one ‘crashed’, then, my software package went down so I experienced to invest in new video enhancing software package (all around $three hundred so considerably at least) and some other software package / equipment, future ought to be audio equip, and a more recent digicam would actually be terrific so I could movie myself, stars, do additional checks, movie areas I want to show you, and many others. I will also begin to consistently report my precise quantities that have arrive in. This essentially came about from a person inquiring me about it, and, just after lengthy thing to consider, I considered it is the correct factor to do, I shell out a lot additional than I obtain, and it will only make improvements to the excellent of my displays. If I were doing this for cash, I can consider of a dozen, straightforward to make vids that would do really very well, ( a lewd title with a hinting pic of just one or additional system components…: )
But that is not why I am in this article. or what I am about. I assure I am in this article to give you the greatest info I can, and to entertain only via the warm fuzzy experience of a good truth of the matter epiphany. Okay, sufficient on that for now.
About this motion picture:
At some issue (@ the treaty of Westphalia) the Old Earth Buy became the New Earth Buy … So, in this shorty I yet again consider to figure out irrespective of whether the NWO is operate by the Jesuits or the Zionists… so several are married to the ‘Jewish Zionist’ idea, nevertheless, the moment you place the specifics of history described in this montage jointly, the relaxation of the conspiracy (the components that didn’t appear to make perception prior to) falls into place. This is however just a tough piece. i will re-operate it into a complete-length documentary. It will superior make clear the conditions surrounding some major conspiracies , like: the NWO, 9-eleven, OKC, Waco, Kennedy, Lincoln the Titanic… the flat earth much too… and a lot additional. My future piece of FE content material will be out quickly. Thanks for looking at all. God bless.


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  1. Ponybelloni says:


  2. look at all the antisemitism coming around now adays. the jesuits will do just what they did in Nazi Germany and try to blame everything on the Jews. good work dude.

  3. People don't realise that there are Satanic, Ptolemaic, bloodlines that run the Vatican AND the Jesuit Order. Some of the 'elite', Edomite, sell-out, families (Edomites being the decedents of Esau) race-mixed with them. The Rothschilds are a prime example of this, in what would be considered the modern day.

  4. Ch J says:

    It goes way back Ignatius loyola was a Sephardic jew

  5. Ch J says:

    My friend be very careful alexandr Solzhenitsyn says otherwise with regard to the bolshevik revolution. He was there

  6. Nolom Ebal says:

    The Protocol's of Zion were written by the Masons.  The language used in the document reveals it. "Behind the Dictators"  LH Lehman 3rd printing 1945 Chap 10, pg 11 & 15 para 4.

  7. NUKE HOAX says:

    LINCOLN dearh IS A HOAX come on flatwater get up to speed

  8. Why do you think there is a difference between the two groups??

  9. SoapboxJones says:

    it's all about dispensational futurism… where the Pope gets a pass and starts the one world religion/ government which he will be the ruler.

  10. James Samson says:

    All the jews that those people point to are knights of malta, they put them in places of power to create the "state of israel" because after the reformation broke out they had to come up with another view of Daniel's 70th week. Over 500 hundred years they came up with Daniel 9:27 is not about Jesus ending the sacrifices and oblations but some future one man (probably "a jew") will end the sacrifices and oblations. In order to do that they need a temple and a state to do it in. All of this to brainwash the world so they would not understand that the papacy is the antichrist of the bible.

  11. can stupid goim be smarter in canning principals then jews?? who is a master of creating has powerful organisations.who

  12. Roman Hoax says:

    Great video. It's so sad really. Imagine being so silly and juvenile as to think the JooS were running this flat plane energy extraction matrix. Hahahaha what a supreme joke of the highest order. I am convinced these trolls and so-called "researchers" are LAZY BEYOND MEASURE. You could never put a quantity to how lazy some of them can be. So they refuse to look into the Jesuit conspiracy because the rabbit hole indeed goes too deep and it links to far too many areas of interest (Royal families, Knights of Malta, Knights of the Holy Sepulchre, Columbus, Privy councils, pilgrim society, and other such groups), which they do not intend to study. They would rather open their mouths to be spoon fed lies and NONSENSE about some pesky JooS who popped out of nowhere to run the entire plane. Complete rubbish which only a cataleptic or catatonic mind could believe.

    Imagine seeing insanely wealthy royal families like the House of Windsor (in England), the Franco-Spanish House of Bourbon (King Juan Carlos), the Dutch royals (Knight of Malta, Prince Bernhardt of the Netherlands and his Bilderberg group, founding in union with Jesuit father Josef Retinger) etc. Imagine seeing all that and still thinking some upstart JooS came along and just started running this matrix – from nowhere. Give me a break.

    Their research is lousy and limp. full of errors. It is only a mentally ill mind that rejects this information when presented to you. They badly want to hate the JooS, because they have been indoctrinated. HOW SAD. Most of humanity is lost and has never known truth.

  13. Nils Ottesen says:

    What are you trying to do? The freemason worship baphomet and the seal of salomon. All their belife is built on the jewish kaballah.The jews control the world via the lodges. Bolshevism is pure jewish.The jews invented communisme and control both Russia and China. Theiy worship lucifer..The russian revolution, Carl Marx was jewish,33 degree mason and a satanist. Stop spreadig lies.

  14. Brenda Hicks says:

    This is exactly spot on, and I know this because Prof. Walter Veith has also done enormous research on the Jesuits/Vatican, as well as their "Secret Society" groups, and has concluded they are the guilty party; they have corrupted every aspect of civilization, from political, economical, educational, and religion.

  15. Greg S says:

    What you do not know young man is that you attack the bride of Our Lord Jesus Christ. The one true faith is Catholicism and therefore like her groom (Jesus) she is always under attack and hated by protestants, Jews, pagans, and all. Our Lord Jesus Christ said at the last supper this is my body and this is the chalice of my blood take and eat all of you. John chapter 6 verse 53 to 58. If you do not eat my flesh (consecrated bread and wine) and drink from this cup you will die and remain blind in your sin. You are blind and so are the protesters (rebels just like Satan) for he rebelled against God and was cast from heaven. The bible was written and assembled by Catholics. Now there are many frauds out there and 40,000 different nut jobs claiming to be the authority. I assure you the Church has lost more property then you can possibly imagine from protestant crooks. Look into it if you care about your soul. For now you are 1 of billions of people that hate God's Holy Church. This makes you a heretic and a liar.

  16. Lili says:

    Great synthesis!

  17. Lucifer is the head of The NWO both the vatican and the Jews work for him.

  18. BBWulf says:

    The Catholic Church was infiltrated by Cryptic Jews over 100 years ago and now totally control the Catholic Church. Proof of this is that the Pope wears a Yamaca and he claims that Lucifer is God and Jesus is his sun. This is the same religion that the Jews follow.

  19. Valerifon1 says:

    It's Cain and his descendants – the Tares… Cain became his brother's keeper by way of civil law. His descendants have ruled over us ever since… They were sired by Lucifer – see John 8 "Ye are of your father the devil…"

  20. Good information! Keep the good work. Make more videos like this. It is not time wasted!

  21. Paul McLeod says:

    Matthew 4:8 Again the Devil took him along to an unusually high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory. 9 And he said to him: “All these things I will give you if you fall down and do an act of worship to me.” 10 Then Jesus said to him: “Go away, Satan!

    To be a valid temptation Satan would actually have to be the ruler of all the world`s kingdoms.

  22. Paul McLeod says:

    John12:31 Now there is a judging of this world; now the ruler of this world will be cast out

  23. Paul McLeod says:

    John 16:10 then concerning righteousness, because I am going to the Father and you will see me no longer; 11 then concerning judgment, because the ruler of this world has been judged

  24. Paul McLeod says:

    We know that we originate with God, but the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one. 1 john 5:19

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