Who Is The Rothschild Family & How Much Power Do They Have?


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Since the 18th century, the Rothschild family has become one of the world’s richest families. So how much influence do the Rothchilds have?

Learn More:
The Rothschild Gang: Shadow Conspiracy Or Rumor?
“The Rothschilds are the most famous banking family in history.”

The House of Rothschild
“From the London Globe. Among all the congresses held this Summer, of princes, lawyers, musicians, schoolmasters, social science men, political economists, and a hundred others, one very notable meeting has almost escaped public attention.”

From the Court Jews’ Uneasy Heyday

“WHO could forget the sight of the old Jewish cemetery in Prague on a misty autumn night?”

2. The Rothschild Family – $350 billion
“The family has dominated business dealings in Europe for centuries, effectively spawning a private dynasty that has branched into nobility in several countries.”

The Rothschild Archive

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30 Responses

  1. Have you even searched ??

  2. Big Spacey says:

    so they're inbred ?!?!

  3. Jay Shep says:

    stupid stupid stupid

  4. The Rothschild are one of the most generous and least evil people I've ever met. So just to give an example of these people's goodness, during the 1980s at England, I was walking around appreciating the aesthetic structures of the houses and without any sense of the danger I was about to faced, I accidentally walked into a ghetto neighbourhood. The people there with eyes that of no remorse with only the desire to hurt made me feel vulnerable and scared. Unlike the previous neighbourhood with all the colourful design of houses and enthusiastic faces of people, this particular place was very dull, dark and chilly in a sense that reminded me of my nights during the war on the wet trenches. No glimmer of hope nor humanity was left on this godforsaken island. As I contemplated on this huge mistake and trying to find a path away from this town, I began noticing mutual movements from the people as if they communicated and agreed telepathically. They began to approach me and I felt the evil intent bursting from them. One guy pulled a knife and began to smirk and laugh simultaneously; a laugh so dreadful and unpleasant not even the Vatican will accept him. Just then, a bright figure with the aura of an angel appeared riding with a horse, and there he was Eugene Daniel Rothschild. With figure of a mere man, it was a sigh to behold, his grace filled this herrendous place with

  5. nice reconditioning attempt but I don't buy it.

  6. life is much much worth than money

  7. Jacki Boy says:

    we should change our currency called "people currency" and exchange amongst ourselves. Don't accept any other currency either from goverments or banks then their empire would crumble.

  8. Kingcosmic says:

    dont believe this shit. this family runs the fucking world

  9. Car mad says:

    Ugly fucking Jews

  10. Car mad says:

    These lots are the ones who put the ban on Muslims

  11. Nonyah Biz says:

    i was freestyling the entire video that beat was dope af

  12. Jamie Vardy says:

    this man is mad..he don't kow that bank can create money 10 times more than principal …..

  13. this is fake as shit there are the Rothschild and the rockfeller are the huge families contolling the entire conspiracy they control the money and everything you know is most likely a lie

  14. cblock6791 says:

    He's trying to get accepted that's all

  15. cblock6791 says:

    This a puff a piece!!!!

  16. I am more grossed out by the inter marriage

  17. They paid this nigga to say all this ???

  18. Mr. Thompson says:

    this is fake news

  19. Darma Kusuma says:

    Jules, I love you!

  20. I feel like he don't tell the whole story I guess I'll have to look for another video to explain who this ratchet child family is

  21. Eh broke people have nothing better to do but hate on rich families whatever

  22. Adur Pandya says:

    just saying – the GDP may be ~ 70 trillion, but the actual wealth goes well into the hundreds of trillions at least, if not quadrillion. GDP is the wealth created in a year.

  23. well then, they call this the act of faking,
    But there are very many differences between human beings
    and Rothchilds you should know about

  24. Graham6762 says:

    These jews loan us our own money back at interest after collapsing our banks. The reckoning is coming and we will kill the jews for stealing the TARP and robbing the US blind.

  25. Repent and believe the gospel

  26. ain't nobody got time for Rothschild sympathizers.

  27. bergweg says:

    When using terminology such as "conspiracy", it would be a good idea to give a definition.

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