Why does US government continue to back genocidal allies?

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Tim King

The problems facing minority religious groups in the world are paramount; they are not diminished by any fruitful actions of Western political leaders; indeed the West continues to support exploitation brought about by warring religious regimes for the purpose of human and cultural genocide.

Why does US government continue to back genocidal allies

Be it the people of Gaza, heavily attacked in recent months by Israel, or the Tamils of Sri Lanka, who continue to suffer in the wake of a brutal civil war and government orchestrated mass murder campaign; the Americans talk out of the sides of their mouths and rarely live up to expectations created by the US government itself, which conveys the message that it endorses “freedom” and human equality.

To the American leaders, supporting Zionist Jews, radical Sunni Muslims, and murderous Buddhist governments is top priority.

It does not matter how these regimes like Israel and Sri Lanka kill and rape and maim.

The tactics employed by these governments that intentionally violate international law are of little or no concern to the Obama administration, but then of course it is the US government itself that is the most sinister in terms of war crimes.

The groups that receive US support have a tendency to use that economic aid to kill and destroy not just human beings, but cultural icons and infrastructure.

The practice is leading the world down a dark path that will not brighten any time soon.

In Gaza, thousands of homes and businesses were directly targeted in the recent military operation called “Operation Protective Edge.”

In the Tamil homeland of NE Sri Lanka, temples and other religious buildings belonging to Hindus and Muslims are routinely attacked and either destroyed, or taken over for Buddhist religious purposes.

The terrorism of the West and its far away minions takes on chilling proportions.

There is no logical explanation for why Hindu and Shia people are targeted.

Equally, there are no definable justifications for supporting religious radicals the way the US does.

It is a “Do as I say, not as I do” philosophy with no reprieve for the suffering masses.

The death toll in Gaza, as estimated by the Israeli peace group B’tselem, includes 1,767 Palestinians. Among them were 431 children and 200 women under the age of 60. Eighty-five people older than 60 were killed. The Gaza Ministry of Health states the number of Palestinians killed was 1,939. Two Israeli civilians, one Thai national and 64 Israeli militants were killed, but even then at least 5 died in friendly fire incidents. The UN has calculated that at least 70% of the deceased were civilians.

This is only the most recent attack against Palestinian civilians that the US has endorsed and supported.

In Tamil Eelam, the former Tamil government of Sri Lanka, up to 160,000 people were massacred or disappeared by early to mid 2009, according to sources within the Catholic Church in Mannar, Sri Lanka, who shared their findings with me personally.

It was revealed after the slaughter waged by the Sri Lankan government that an unknown number of alleged LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) freedom fighters languished in undisclosed captivity. Today it is not known if any survive. It also came to light in the years following the war, that US officials were well aware of what was taking place.

This, in spite of the fact that the government of Sri Lanka killed as many pro-Tamil journalists as it could. The mass murder of innocent Hindu and Christian Tamils was simply unimportant to US officials who are willing to wage a full-scale war over much less significant events.

While supporting the crimes of the so-called Jewish state and the Sri Lankan oligarchy, the Americans themselves spent years fighting an expressly illegal war in Iraq, killing by some estimates, as many as 1.5 million human beings. This war came on the heels of the Afghan war, which may be the most foolish and wasteful war ever waged by the United States, in a region that has never failed to ward off foreign armies, including the British and Russian invasions.

These wars and the endless number of dead and suffering taught the Western leaders no lessons, because they don’t go to war; they send the sons and daughters of common American families to kill and be killed. While the goal of all should be compassion and fairness, the reality is that the US only fights for profit.

The beneficiaries are the corporate entities within the military industrial complex.

The US fully took part in the overthrowing of the government of Libya, and then took the lead position in an attempt to overthrow the government of Bashar al-Assad in Syria.

The Americans use concocted reasoning… poison gas, when in fact the US-backed jihadist “allies” are most likely who used the gas in the first place. The Americans, who claim to support liberty, back the most vicious, vile militants on the face of the earth.

American President Barrack Obama seems bent on terminating secular governments in the Middle East when, in fact, that stability allowed their countries to flourish.

It just doesn’t make sense.

What is important is that there is an unspoken alliance between the Zionists of Israel and the Sunni militants. Each group believes they are God’s “chosen people” and view this as a right to slaughter their perceived enemies with an endorsement of God, which any sound minded rationale immediately rejects. Each are American allies.

The first act the US-backed Sunni militants in Libya took upon themselves after toppling the government of Muammar Gaddafi was the destruction of an historic British cemetery in Benghazi.

In addition to kicking down the gravestones which had stood for decades under Gaddafi, the Sunni jihadists, who were viewed so favorably by Western media, tore down the large Christian cross that marked the resting place of the British soldiers in utter disrespect.

The militants added insult to injury and the Americans gave them more money and weapons to support the ousting of the Assad government.

Perhaps the initial elements of the Free Syrian Army were legitimate, as any world government in existence has its fair share of complaints; but the heavily backed group was quickly taken over by rogue Sunni elements who were joined by the mercenary forces who fought the Americans in Iraq.

The Americans continued to fund the fighters who next invaded the historic city of Damascus, launching a terror campaign against Shia Muslims, Christians and Jews, all with the endorsement of US President Barack Obama. A city that had flourished for centuries became another war state.

American political leaders are behind the dismantling of Mideast governments that back religious freedom.

Iraq, Libya and Syria all allowed people of different religions to exist. Iran, another country on the American/Israeli hit list, has long maintained laws that protect Jewish people; unlike America’s partners in the Middle East such as Saudi Arabia.

The Buddhist government of Sri Lanka, and Burma, for that matter, also use religious superiority as a justification to kill their enemies: the Hindus, Muslims and Christian populations.

In each case, those who oppose the fascist murdering governments, find themselves branded as “terrorists.”

There clearly is no gain in these wars for the American people.

Even American veterans who fight in these protracted, overseas conflicts, find themselves largely unable to attain the health care that accompanies military combat.

While lesser victims, the Americans too suffer greatly from their government’s approach toward world conflict.

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