Why Donald Trump Is Winning (2016 Documentary)


The secret to Donald Trump’s success in a recent documentary analysing his run for President of the United States in 2016.


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  1. He's deporting Mexicans when there's worse things happening in America

  2. did you know that Donald Trump is so bad

  3. I will throw up if I see him ???

  4. did you know that El Chapo Guzman is going to kill Donald Trump with a sniper

  5. sam alan says:

    trump jerk … he is not politician . he can't maintain international relationship of US

  6. Ted Smith says:

    Go Hillary!!!

  7. CUTIE Santos says:

    Trump white ass

  8. CUTIE Santos says:

    don't vote for him (Trump)????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  9. Hieu P. says:

    He wants to build a wall? What is this, Attack on Titan?

  10. its is true homo's should be stoned or at leas t punished because you cannot fight with the word of God and that does NOT make you a believer in God if you are a homo

  11. Dan Walter says:

    #TRUMP2016 "Mexico will pay for the wall." Donald Trump. It's the LEAST they can do seeing how they are sending thousands of their people to their deaths each year as they struggle with criminals on their journey to the US. The MEXICAN GOVERNMENT SHOULD BE EMBARRASSED for what it is allowing to happen to its people.. young, beautiful Latino women brutalized by drug gags, raped, murdered, left in the desert! SHAME ON YOU MEXICO SHAME ON YOU! Where in the hell is the protest over this? America is NOT your problem.. YOUR GOVERNMENT IS YOUR PROBLEM.. the Mexican government is the problem.. corrupt, evil.

  12. Repz says:

    Yeah we see, America is the greatest place on earth xD tbh They are 2nd most corrupt country after North Korea. Us have propaganda, Freedom of speach bullshit, they are "United", they are full of idiots, rascit, kkk memebers, drugs, murders, corrupt police killing people for no reason, cant even handle prisoners, they kill each other IN the fuckings prison. No wonder why FN have so many things to do with America. and dont forget they make terrorist groups. I would say Iraq, Afganistand, and all other countries are better then usa without north korea. us people are blind, they cant see there bad thing. US try to act like a hero but dont do nothing. look, obama said he will do everything to stop ISIS/ISIL. what did he do? expload 4-6 oilfields in around 6-7years. look at russia, they destroy all oilfields that ISIS/ISIL had left. also russia destroyed 470+ oilfield in less then 48 hours.

  13. if Donald or Hilary becomes president there is a BIG chance WORLD WAR 3 starts :)

  14. tibor warski says:

    Hey Trumpters! Who's the madman you're gonna foist on us in 2020? David Duke? The Nudge?

  15. Tony Montana says:

    Donald J Trump will be the next POTUS!☺

  16. Juan McCain says:

    At 12:50 into the video the Pope admits that because he lives behind a 70 foot wall he is not a Christian.GO TRUMP!! OUR NEXT PRESIDENT!!

  17. I like Trump, all the things he did, the only thing I don't like about him is he wants to get rid of NATO, and/or charge people who are in NATO with us, I know America pays majority of other people's wars but it's an alliance, you help each other out for them to help us out back. other than that Trump is awesome he has bawls of steel.

  18. Eddy Wit says:

    I think the maker of this video is trying to deter people from voting for Trump….Now prior to watching this I was planning on not voting…but now I think I'm leaning towards Trump…I think this guys plan is backfiring on him

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