Why France Is The Illuminati’s False Flag Whipping Boy


My latest video: “The Murder of Max Spiers and the War of the Roses – FULL DOCUMENTARY” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aPrArt8kh-Y …


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  1. Here are your terrorist,,if you want PEACE in the world,arrest them.
    Rothschild,, Soros,,Netanyahu,,Ehud Barak,,Obama,,Sarkozy,,Fabius,,Victoria Nudelman,,Hollande,,Cameron,,Merkel,,Henry kISSINGER
    Friday the 13th Massacre:False Flag Operation Designed to Sequester and ‘Quarantine’ the NWO Climate Conference in Paris
    Alert! Russia Spills All About NWO Goals in Paris Massacre!
    When Israel Is Mighty
    Washington Refines Its False Flag Operations
    All those terrorist acts are done by ;MOSSAD(NR 1 Crime factory in the world)(CIA NR 2)and (MI6 NR3)
    .Read these book for free to understand their plan,NWO PAX JUDAICA–..SCRIBD—-WHO IS ESAU-EDOM. by Charles A. Weisman

  2. what's the music used on the first part of your really great Vid ?

  3. Steven Pinel says:

    What about 9/11,Boston ect?…. Stop your french bashing. France leads the way….

  4. makusmati says:

    interesting video, you've come pretty close but the link to charlie and paris is bds and labeling settler goods.. we have to keep paying protection money or else.

  5. funfang says:

    part 1 Stadium attack was real IS but known about and foiled but used as the starting gun for the false flag part 2, the real targets were the bars, it was done by pros and was the false flag teams, with the world pic nuts where are the pics of these unmasked killers who spent 6 mins unloading in the street with thousands of witnesses and yet nothing ?

  6. candymintz says:

    11/13/15 Paris
    Another Sad and Tragic Day For Humanity
    Now We Have All Become Hostages
    Song For The Hostage https://youtu.be/VAeT1dwgG5U

    Denomination of the date:
    1 / 1 /+ 1 / = 3
    1/ 3/ +5/ = 9
    11/13/+15 = 39
    3+9 = 12 = 1+2 = 3
    3+9 = 12 = 1+2 = 3
    Answer = 33

  7. It's funny you kept mentioning purple, since the sky in my area has been that color for weeks.

  8. the ebola psyop was lime green
    bataclan is purple
    virginia shooting red black and white
    has anyone researched the different colors of different false flags,psyops?
    aurora, boston bombing, navy yard, 911,sandy hook, etc etc etc.

  9. Very interesting, Thank you for sharing , This will help them get their new world Agenda,s . They have been doing it for the last ?? years , Controlling the Majority & the Minority, will just have to toe the line , Free will, free speech are gonna be a thing of the past , God Bless .

  10. Please have a look at my 3 min video, it exposes a certain company who have ties to all the places and some of the people in the french attacks, It cannot be coincidence.

  11. "the destruction of Christianity and atheism" that statement basically says you have no choice but to accept Lucifer as god and you can't disbelieve because Lucifer has revealed himself physically to the world (decieved the world into thinking that he is the true god).

  12. Don Wahl says:

    Another analysis of how this is possibly a False Flag to help draw the U.S. into WW3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6JzzU7FMVCY&feature=youtu.be

  13. mcksean says:

    not sure about the whole knights temp. but even after charlie hebdo the french would not go into syria ,
    8 days prior to friday 13th , french move aircraft carrier into position for syria ……Paris gets attacked(cough , fake), france bow to nato and go into syria . problem solution reaction

  14. Landell N says:

    Great video. On a related subject, the fall of France in June 1940 to the German Nazi's in WWII, is speculated to have been deliberately co-ordinated between the French high command and the Germans. ie. The French top generals deliberately lost to the Germans. The senior French generals wee accused of this and the details of the events fits this theory. Perhap s this is related to what you say.

  15. Tracey Cooke says:

    We are a Movement which is dedicated to reveal the true machinations and to liberate the planet earth from the negative Forces resp. the negative ETs (Extraterrestrials) and the "Cabal" (the Cabal are various governments, groups among the intelligence agency and the military, some royals families, elitist groups, powerful families and so on) collaborating with them. There are still many other groups and resistance movements which have the same goal and they are trying anything to liberate the earth and the termination of the old regime with the help of the positive ETs.
    These so called Cabal pull the strings in the background and directs the destinies for a very, very long time on earth. They are responsible for so many wars, false flags, injustice, pollution, animal torture, sorrow and pain. Also this society resp. this system in which we live with the ways of thinking, values, precepts, procedures was only created by the negative forces through invented religious dogmas, the financial system, the governments, the military, the mainstream media (TV-news, print media and so on) to control, manipulate, indoctrinate us for their own purpose and benefits.
    They deceive us an illusory liberty and choice which was or is never true liberty. We were never free because we are all slaves, slaves of the regime. We already were born in the slavery and that finally have to become clear to mankind. They certainly are trying to disguise with all means the truth to keep us away of this as much as possible to secure their retention of power. However in the long run they will not succeed.
    You have to free your mind from this "prison of the mind" and learn to see and understand what is really going on behind the scenes resp. behind the familiar reality of everyday life. Because in this way you may realise the truth beyond the illusion and we can raise common and change the world.


  16. I have uncovered links to secret society ceremonies that coincide with the French psy-op, please watch and share, we don't have the luxury of waiting 10 yrs to find out the truth, France has started the elite agenda, the truth needs to be shown.https://youtu.be/4sM99iZuIuo

  17. Fearless One says:

    goes further back than that, u might be interested in some of teh history. see EL: The Bloodlines here: http://saianarchy.com ;)

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