Why I believe in UFOs, and you should too… | Ben Mezrich | TEDxBeaconStreet


Ben discuses the UFO freeway found at the thirty seventh Parallel, and the bizarre phenomenon of cattle mutilations.

Ben Mezrich is the writer of eighteen textbooks which includes Bringing Down The Home that was made into the motion picture 21, and Accidental Billionaires that was made into the motion picture The Social Community.

This talk was given at a TEDx celebration working with the TED convention structure but independently structured by a regional local community. Understand more at http://ted.com/tedx


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  1. Marcos Ayala says:

    was there an edit in the beginning ?

  2. bwahahaha…UFO's!!! And Hillary is a reptillian! No, they are lucifarian illuminati and into numerology which likely explains why the 37th parallel, butchered animals, and is covered by the secret societies of the military, intelligence, and government covering-up, etc. GMAFB…UFOsMA!!!!

  3. Somia Essaid says:

    Ben, you are hilarious! I love your honesty and sense og humour and I have no doubt ufos do exist. It's a question of time before everyone else will know for sure. Thank U for sharing

  4. red watch says:

    Put up or shut up.

  5. Nara Ayanam says:

    there is an Unwanted Fake Object [UFO] in the WHITE HOUSE now!

  6. MAY777ABLE says:

    I see them and photograph them here in Ontario since 1967 – present
    You can lead a thirsty horse to water, but you cannot make the horse drink what's in front
    I suppose it's really up to the horse's mouth to take action
    Not alone biologically speaking – and robotic in motion and em otion

  7. Space Cowboy says:

    First of all, and take this an an opinion. Aliens are not abducting cattle to the best of my knowledge. Who is you may ask, many private agencies studying what toxins, viri, and bacteria are out there, what may contain such toxins, some even release them to see how far they go and what reactions to life they cause, the wrong way to go about it in my opinion. Regardless that its known the results in a contained environment usually differ from the results in a more open environment. Besides bacteria evolve super fast, and grab every bit of foreign dna they encounter to be used to enhance their suitability and evolution, which is usually geared toward eventual symbiosis because life even knows to kill the host is a mistake, like to kill our planet is, regardless that it happens. As to aliens, the dimension of reality or the known physical universe as most scientist see it is not the place where all life or conscious resides within, thats just our little corner of it, regardless if that corner seems to be everywhere if you get that.

  8. TheUnatuber says:

    And how, pray tell, do I confirm his claim that the photo of a weather balloon in Dallas was faked? Where do I get the names of the people who participated in this cover-up but later recanted their statements? I'm open to considering the speaker's argument, but some links to actual evidence would be greatly appreciated.

  9. TF Sheahan says:

    I'm glad the video was made, but it avoids the correct details to such a degree that one has to wonder if it is meant as disinformation. There is only a slight correlation of sightings at the 37th latitude, and no correlation to cattle mutilations, which is a world wide phenomenon. The guy whose image has been shown holding up a weather balloon is none other than Jesse Marcel Sr., the Roswell base's Intelligence Officer, the one who originally investigated the site, and was ordered to change his story, and kept quiet about it for 30 years. Bigelow's interest spans several decades, but he does not have a proprietary interest in airplane sightings despite what it may say in some manual. Any incidents that have military relevance have been forwarded to the Strategic Air Command for their review for the last 40 years. Maybe he is just so new to the topic.

  10. davmus12 says:

    why do I care about his book writing

  11. if you scale down our solar system to one metre, the sun would be the size of a pencil dot. the nearest sun from ours would be 4 miles away. That's a lot of empty space. between two metres with something in them?
    No aliens – Just Fallen angels pretending to be aliens. After the rapture an alien will no doubt appear and say they've snatched all the people away.
    Just as Satan appeared as Gabriel to Muhammad – Satan will arrive as G'abrel the alien. They even did the film – Childhood's end. They are preparing you to believe in Aliens rather than God. – Fk this guy mentions the church? he's giving you who is his main opposition to his theory at the end. God.

  12. What does it mean? You have to specify what is it that you believe. You believe in ETs visitations not UFOs.

  13. Frank L says:

    Claiming we can get to Proxima Centuri in 40 years using current technology is proof this guy doesn't verify any information he obtains is credible.

  14. MrOnTheCheap says:

    The Roswell craft was made out of metallic hydrogen.

  15. People like to dismiss every interpretation so they can look smart , they will say "Oh there is no evidence" and stuffs like that , it seems behaving like a skeptic is a new trend , i personally don't know if UFO's exist or not ! but i don't label everything about them as "misinformation" just like the comments here , it's rude and insulting.

    People like this guy in this video have done field researches but you just sit on your ass and dismiss everything that they have done without doing any viable research !
    That is both close minded and lazy. This guy likes to believe that aliens have visited earth and he has every right to do so , to label him as "idiot" just shows your stupidity , because anyone with half a brain knows that "daring to believe is the basis for many of the great discoveries." .

  16. Ross Wilson says:

    My understanding of Roswell after a lot of research:

    After WWII the Russians got hold of some Nazi scientists as did the US.

    Having known about the panic Orson Wells live radio broadcast of War of the Worlds created, Russians began looking at ways of exploiting that as part of the cold war.

    They used their Nazi scientist (I forget his name) who was known for human experimentation, to use vivisection and other methods to create what looked like aliens. He used children, which is why aliens are humanoid and always seem to be shorter than full size human adults.

    They constructed an alien like craft put these fake aliens in and dropped it from a plane. The idea was to create a massive panic in the US to which they could either then exploit or that would just weaken their enemy. That's why the original military press statement was that they had found a UFO, because they thought they had found one. That's also why it was quickly retracted, because the military realised that such news could cause a wide spread panic as the radio broadcast had already proved was possible.

    Later the US military might have figured out what was going on. Then used UFOs as a cover for their own aircraft experimentation of which they were keen to keep the Russians from figuring out. How now would Russian spies know what was a imaginary UFO story or a sighting of new US aircraft tech.

    Not suggesting this is all fact, but it makes sense and explains a lot of what happened.

  17. atwaterpub says:

    estimates are that 1% – 2% of the population of North America have seen a UFO

  18. atwaterpub says:

    I know why I believe in UFO's — BECAUSE I SAW ONE. Lucky me.

  19. So the evidence for UFO's is cattle mutilation? I never knew coyotes were aliens. Now I do. I suppose this means the pranksters that make crop circles are also aliens?

    Let's face it folks no alien life form that is advanced enough to make an 80 year round trip in space is going to come here looking for cow livers. Coyotes on the other hand find them delicious.

    Also, at least in my mind, there is "scale" to contend with. Assuming there is no magic involved, an interstellar space ship that can go one year in space without resupply is going to be big like a nuclear submarine. One that can go 80 years in space is going to be big like 80 nuclear submarines. It would be pretty hard to miss on radar or even visually.

    The argument is easy to resolve if you ask yourself one simple question: Why would intelligent life want to come here over the vastness of space and the great time involved to get here? Cow livers? Certainly they can grow them in a lab, and they also have xBox 1000 already so they are way too caught up in their virtual reality to bother leaving their houses or whatever it is they live in.

    The earth offers nothing to aliens. There is no intelligent life, and no resources they don't already have closer to home. "Mars doesn't need moms". Aliens sophisticated enough to cross space and time have no reason to come to earth. Even for scientific purposes the distance and time is too great to send anything but robotic probes, which they would have in droves.

    Or a more likely reason they haven't come is they nuked themselves to death long ago, just as we are doing now. Ya, it's going to sound crazy to those of you who can't think more than 1 or 2 moves ahead on a chess board, but Fukashima has set of a chain reaction. Eventually, the radiation will cause societal collapse in Japan and all the other reactors in Japan will one by one be left unattended and get hit by storms, earthquakes and other natural and man made disasters, and all that spent fuel is going to get into the atmosphere. After that all other nations get affected. Even if we avoid a nuclear war, which would of course end everything in a day, 100 years from now this planet will be uninhabitable and uninhabitable for probably another 500,000 years, maybe more. And then we are back to starting life all over again from scratch and at least another 500 million years before we have some new creature that might make a space rocket. So why would aliens come for cow livers? Our policies about the nuclear industry should be vastly more interesting because it describes how planets die. Forget that CO2 stuff, drinking a can of pop never killed anyone. Well maybe drinking too many cans of pop will over a lifetime, but it isn't the bubbles that do it. It's the over consumption of sugar.

    We have, in fact, already killed ourselves and the planet via nuclear technology. It's just a matter of time because nothing in the environment can be kept out of the environment. Nuclear bottles and storage pools don't last long. It's all going to end up in the air and the atmosphere. If aliens are coming here, it's to discover how animals like humans can be smart enough to understand nuclear fission but stupid enough to use it. The only reason they would steal cow livers is if they think that's what to sample for plutonium readings. But I think if they could get here from space they could probably take the samples they need without killing the cow. Unless they, like coyotes, find the livers really tasty of course. I don't know that there is any food I'd be willing to spend 80 years in space to get at, but each his own of course.

    And if what the aliens are after is cow livers, why not just steal a few cows, bring them home, and grow your own? That's what we do.

    This whole thing is a mass delusion. It doesn't make any sense from any angle. There are no aliens, at least not here.

  20. Well said..you forgot to mention that the catholic church has a giant telescope bigger than the hubble ( NOT 100 PERCENT SURE BUT I THINK SO) ON TOP OF MT GRAHAM…they have named this telescope Lucifer..they went to a lot of trouble and by force they set it up on top of the mountain which is a sacred Indian ground near a stargate. They are waiting for a special world changing event, the arrival of an alien being, they want to be the first to claim it.Please look this up everyone should know about this, also look up Chris Putnam he and his mate tell the whole deal on here.

  21. elfspicer says:

    Proxima Centauri only 40 years away with current technology? More like thousands of years away with current technology.

  22. UFOs are all good and stuff but what did he mean by we could get to Proxima Centauri in 40 years that's pretty fast that's one-tenth the speed of light

  23. E Clouston says:

    Think about it, the only military installation with nuclear responsibility, doesn't know the difference between a ballon and an aircraft, understand.

  24. Proximus Centauri reachable in 40 yrs with current tech? More like 40,000 yrs

  25. Proximus Centauri reachable in 40 yrs with current tech? More like 40,000 yrs.

  26. Proximus Centauri reachable in 40 yrs with current tech? More like 40,000 yrs.

  27. Awww man… why do Aliens love the Americas so much :[ Why does it never happen to poor countries like mine? "ALIENS!" and "OH $HET A UFO!" Never seem to happen, just stories like these… 'I saw my mom about to be abducted by a flying SHIP.'
    the, 'My mom saw a fucking limousine with what looked like European guys and long pointy ears trying to persuade our maid to jump in.'
    And my personal favorite: 'Our maid was always so afraid to be outside after 5PM, apparently, "they" will take her, she is normal but can never be outside after that time.' So they fired the maid and months later the family contacted them in case they saw the maid as she has been missing for a few days now.

  28. Any fascinating TED talks you guys can recommend? So far I've found Jon Ronson to be interesting and of course the funny James Veitch. Only watched a few so far, some are kinda boring.

  29. The problem with this is not understanding the tech level of any alien civilization capable of travelling between stars is. It will require the mastery of nanotechnology, something we are in the process of perfecting and will perfect over the next century or so and will be required for us to perfect before we can travel between the stars.

    Point being, a space craft and passengers wielding mastery of nanotechnology would be impossible for us to kill, or defeat, or knock down with lightning, the ship and passengers would be capable of shape shifting, have active camouflage so good they would be almost invisible except when they wanted to be seen, they certainly would not need to use primitive cutting tools on cows, and a single ship with a single passenger with such technology could conquer the entire Earth with 100% chance of success if they wanted to. They could also easily send out invisible nanotechnology flying machines which could enter the Human body undetected move to the brain, interface with the brain and take control of what a Human senses, remembers, and/or thinks. One such individual could do this to a few people or the entire Human race if they felt like it.

    So all these UFO reports are a False Flag Operation to divert attention away from who is really behind the events. It is not necessarily always the same group, but certainly at times the military has used UFOs for cover and whoever is taking parts from the cows is doing the same thing.

    I'd say the fact that the mutilation of the cows also happens to be in proximity to military bases, (if that is correct), and that no one has been caught, that implies that someone powerful in the government is almost certainly behind the mutilations of those cows; someone powerful enough to cover it up and to use UFOs as a False Flag cover story.

    A true alien from another planet would have absolutely no reason to take such actions. They could simple send invisible nanomachines into any cows they wanted to examine. And why only cows? If they were going to do that, they would send invisible to the naked eye nanomachines into all different manner of life on Earth to get detailed molecular level up reports on all life on Earth. No cutting needed.

  30. utopia2022 says:

    Just release the files and we can get on with our lives

  31. simhopp says:

    Listen to Dr. David Jacobs !
    Aliens are already here, and they are creating hybrids to replace humans !!!

  32. Ralph Latham says:

    40 years? Try 40 thousand years to Proxima Centauri.

  33. Jim Glenn says:

    "Unidentified Objects" that remain "Unidentified" are not disputed by ANYONE!

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