WHY INDIA fears of Pakistan | World War 3 (Full Documentary) 2016


A war is never easy and it will be so foolish of us if we underestimate the enemy. But definitely India will be at great advantage as compared to Pakistan.


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  1. 000Tech says:

    English version?

  2. Akbar Ali says:

    still Pakistani army is batter then Indian army nd our airforce technology is much strong then India

  3. wtf India never fears a stupid Nation like pakistan. India fears its derailment of economic growth if it attacks a mad nation like pakistan which inturn is what China wants as India is taking away several of chinese jobs so china wants Indias economy to suffer with all investment in defence w/o investng in infra,…. If at all India has anything to suffer its the sam as a normal person fearing a stone in the hand of a mad person called pakistan

  4. Robert Black says:

    I don’t doubt that India’s armed forces are both larger and probably better trained than Pakistan’s, but war is full of nasty surprises, and I would hope they solve their differences peacefully.

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