Why is Queen Elizabeth’s Nurse Wearing a Masonic Belt?



Every time a story involves the British Royal family, mass media are quick to document every single detail of it. When Queen Elizabeth left King Edward VII Hospital on March 3rd, news sources covered the event extensively, even describing her outfit, her pearl necklace and her brooch.

There is however one significant detail mass media completely ignored. Check out the nurse’s belt buckle.

Why is Queen Elizabeth’s Nurse Wearing a Masonic Belt

This massive buckle features the Masonic compass and square and a pentagram - another important Masonic symbol used in ceremonial magick.

This massive belt buckle features the Masonic square and compass alongside a pentagram – another important Masonic symbol that is used in ritual magick.

According to the Library and Museum of Freemasonry, this belt buckle was given to nurses who trained at the Royal Masonic Hospital, a private hospital for Freemasons and other fee-paying patients. The Royal Masonic Hospital stopped existing in 1992 but its belt buckles are apparently still worn by “elite” nurses such as the one who treated the queen.

It is interesting to see how symbols of power appear in places of power.

Handshake with the Queen. A privilege not allowed to commoners.

Handshake with the Queen, a rare privilege that is not granted to commoners.

Remember that King Edward VII Hospital is where Kate got hospitalized due to a pregnancy-related illness, which led to the suicide of one of the nurses.

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  1. david says:

    What a ridiculous comment –

    “Handshake with the Queen, a rare privilege that is not granted to commoners.”

    The queen shakes everyone’s and anyone’s hand, there is even a special day of the year when she invites random pensioners into the Buckingham palace for afternoon tea and a chat. called Maundy Thursday. Do your research!

    Typical article trying to invent some conspiracy out of thin air. What a load of rubbish.

    • Archie1954 says:

      Thank you, very few people realize that the Queen is a living Constitution. Unlike the US written Constitution which is much more honoured in the breach than in the observance, no one can ignore the Queen. She embodies 1000 years of democratic process and should be honoured for that reason alone as well as many others, such as duty, persistence and magnaminity.

  2. Safety Guy says:

    Take your vitamins everyday. LOL

  3. eaglefever says:

    She’s the queen bitch’s nurse cuz she was a former Illuminati member an “sexual queenie retired” by the top Iluminati members. All she has to show for her loyalty to the Illuminati is the queen’s nurse and her token belt buckel symbol.

  4. Archie1954 says:

    I wouldn’t want to cross that nurse. She looks like she could give a good wallop,like the kind administered in the UK’s seniours’ residences.

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