Why The Elite Would Lose a Civil War


Manufacturing mass social unrest would be a foolish mistake

Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones

Despite the fact that the banking elite wants to generate riots and stir social disorder in order to collapse the U.S. economy so they can buy up real assets on the cheap, if such chaos was to spill over into a full blown civil war, the consequences for the technocrats would be disastrous.

Why The Elite Would Lose a Civil War

In part one we explored why the elite routinely generate civil unrest in countries as a tactic of driving down confidence, scaring away investors and setting themselves up as the saviors in order to loot what’s left of the economy for next to nothing.

We also documented how authorities in America are clearly in a preparatory phase for mass civil unrest to break out within the next 5-10 years.

However, basic figures, along with the lessons of recent history, clearly suggest that should such disorder spiral into a new civil war, which many suggest is the very outcome federal agencies are gearing up for (the DHS alone has purchased enough bullets to wage a 30 year conflict), the result for the elite is inevitable failure.

It is imperative to stress that ordinary Americans do not want a civil war. This is not something we or anyone we associate with is actively calling to initiate. This is simply a warning to the power structure that their policies are setting the stage for this very outcome – and it’s not going to end well for them.

Al Sharpton recently suggested that Americans should accept government regulation of the Second Amendment because the primary reason the founders put the right to bear arms in the constitution – to defend against government tyranny – is no longer applicable. Sharpton brazenly implied that the government would just be able to drone strike all Americans who resisted being disarmed.

“First of all, if the government were to come to disarm you, you would not be able to use an automatic weapon to defend yourself. Let’s be serious. We’re in a world of drones now so the Second Amendment would not help you in that area. It is absurd to try to cite that,” said Sharpton.

In reality, even if a tiny minority of armed Americans chose to resist government oppression – the odds would be stacked hugely in their favor.

Consider the fact that there are almost 100 million gun owners in the United States, who in total own over 300 million firearms and rising.

There are only around 1.4 million active duty personnel in the entire US military – that includes the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard. Even if you include national guard reserves, the total figure is less than 2.3 million.

Even if just five per cent of American gun owners actively resisted in a civil war, that would be five million Americans – more than double the entire US military and national guard, many of whom are already engaged overseas. So even if the government used the military to fire upon U.S. citizens, the troops would be easily outnumbered.

Consider the recent story about the manhunt for former LAPD officer Christopher Dorner.

It took the vast resources and manpower of the Los Angeles Police Department and numerous other law enforcement bodies and federal agencies over a week to track down one guy – one guy!

As part of that manhunt, LAPD officers showed themselves to be bumbling incompetents – engaging in frenzied shootings of innocent people who looked nothing like Dorner and eventually having to burn Dorner alive inside a cabin in order to apprehend him.

If it takes the LAPD over a week to find and kill one guy, how much effort do you think would be required to disarm or kill 100 million American gun owners without meaningful resistance?

Consider the US occupation of Afghanistan that has now entered its 12th year.

A total of almost 500,000 coalition forces and Afghan National Security Forces have failed to defeat Taliban insurgents numbering just 25,000 – a ratio of 20 to 1 – in over 12 years of combat operations.

If the finest of the US military and their allies cannot defeat 25,000 ragtag insurgents in 12 years, how on earth are 100 million Americans going to be subdued?

Consider the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

17,000 troops working on the grounds of the Baghdad Airport couldn’t even secure the road leading to the airport months after the invasion.

If 17,000 troops can’t even control a single road, how does the government plan to successfully occupy an entire country in the event of martial law?

When a population is under occupation and they are being oppressed, the zeal for resistance knows no bounds.

Victory is achieved by refusing to submit – resistance is victory.

The banking elite which controls the US government – the same elite that has engineered riots in other countries – most recently Greece – as part of a process of turning those nations into empty vassals that can be easily looted for their wealth, infrastructure and resources, must realize that it cannot win a civil war in the United States.

Such an eventuality would result in massive bloodshed on both sides – and the elite simply doesn’t have the numbers to claim victory.

This is a warning to the technocrats – do not try to divide and conquer the American people, the police, and the military. Stop characterizing patriotic, freedom loving Americans as domestic terrorists. Do not try to initiate a civil war that would achieve nothing but carnage and a sustained breakdown of society.

As top constitutional scholars like Dr. Edwin Vieira and Lew Rockwell have noted, one of the reasons why the federal government is so petrified of the American people rising up to re-assert their God-given rights in the face of an establishment which is arming to the teeth against them, is the threat posed to their illegal power monopoly by the prospect of secession.

Secession is not about destroying America, it is about reinvigorating America as the founders envisioned it, and in the process disengaging from the very forces – the offshore banking elite – who are themselves working feverishly to destroy America so that they may be the first to slice up and devour the dead carcass of a once great nation, just as they have done to numerous other countries over the last three decades.

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  1. Hhhhh says:

    Fdear Lucius Sulla,E very interestingN comment.T I’ve been tryingO to N understandB15 what “thier” plan is from hi and low, long term as well as short term. Though I don’t seem as well educated nor prepared. I want to help. Not them, but us! I want to make a difference! I want to be contacted. @yahoo.com.

  2. Lucius Sulla says:

    A rock and hard place.

    That is where we find ourselves. We spend each and every day wondering “what is next”.

    All of us know that something is not right. It cannot be denied – it cannot be argued. Yet, we are all stuck at the same glaring question.

    Where do I go from here?

    You have been active on social media and you talk to your friends. You watch Fox news and listen to Rush. You even try to help those fledgling few politicians and political figures that have not yet been corrupted – at least you do not think they are corrupt.

    The frustration is overwhelming.

    You see, the quiet undercurrent in all of this is the unspoken understanding that we are beyond the point of “waking up”. Sure, many citizens seem to be waking up now, but where were they 20 years ago – or 10 years, hell, how about five years ago. What could we have achieved in the last year of the George W. Bush Administration with this kind of ground game?

    For some of use the frustration is worse simply because we now see our own short-comings in the things we are now witnessing. We wonder what kind of difference we could have made if we had only figured this out a bit earlier.

    For myself I wonder if I could have made a difference as well. What if I had started writing these things five years ago?

    So here we find ourselves at a point in history were the obvious cannot be ignored. Our Republic is dying. She is breathing her final breaths. Most of us simply kept ignoring the pains in her chest, the shortness of breath and the slurring speech. We told ourselves that it will go away.

    It looks like we got that one wrong.

    So now we face a deep dilemma – when do we fire the first shot? The painful truth is that we all know that this is the last best hope to save the Republic. We try to ignore it, sweep it under the rug, or simply look away from it. Open war is a hard thing to look at. Yet the fact remains – we have painted ourselves into a corner.

    The republic is being strangled to death. The Left has slowly tightened a rope about her neck – ever so slightly slipping the slack. Her breathing has become slow and labored, difficult to control. Finally, after sixty years of tightening the rope our Republic has slipped into that final black unconsciousness before an agonizing death.

    If you don’t believe me turn on the news – look at what the population as a whole is willing to accept in their “leaders”.

    However, for all of this we still cannot escape the understanding that to only option left is to voluntarily lay down our current lives and take up a new course. So we watch everyday hoping, yet praying for that one clear sign from the Lord that it is time to pick up our rifles and finish this thing. The truth of it is that most of us hope that the left makes that one overt move that will make clear our decision. After all, no one wants to fire the first shot. No one wants to put themselves out there as an “extremist loner” willing to sacrifice themselves unsure if others will follow.

    Even then we struggle with the decision of when to intervene. We are haunted by a choice – am I witnessing the start of a war or is this yet another incident in the endless parade of singular constitutional tragedies designed to slow boil us into tyranny. Am I willing to follow that “extremist loner” into battle – so they are yet not alone?

    This is where we find ourselves, my friends. Unfortunately, there are no clear answers to this question. There is simply a choice that each of us must make.

    Continue to stand by as our liberties are eroded one incident at a time or strike the first blow and fire the first shot. Either way it’s going to get nasty.

    Victory or death.

  3. standingbear says:


  4. Rich Buckley says:

    The 2.3-million under arms have 300-million family members including about 2-million moms that would give them a scolding of their lives if the attack family and friends. The AWOL rate would reach 67%.

  5. aj weishar says:

    Another major factor in a civil war is hundreds of thousands of returning vets who are getting screwed over by employers and the VA. Many returned with an arsenal of weapons. These are battle hardened soldiers fresh from the streets of the Middle East. And they have an in depth knowledge of IED’s. It’s surprising that some of our vets haven’t gone after the high rollers in gated communities or secured high rises.
    Watch the movie “Fight Club” and pay attention to the plot, not the fights. Lots of disgruntled service employees are hidden in places where the wealthy are most vulnerable.

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