Why The War on Drugs Is a Huge Failure


The war against drugs has been a terrible disaster for everybody involved. Why? And can we do something differently? Check out the Stop The Harm campaign: …


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  1. The Breaking Bad references. XD

  2. Luigi468 says:

    Here is a question,do humans have the most efficient bodies and parts or do other life forms have better bodies

  3. Do a video on the War on Terror plz

  4. The problem of the world is so much basic than it.

    The black hand only want the reduction of human poblation, becasue we are so much people… Im sick of brain disease and i feel so sad when my life no got a real solution :'(, but the problems of economy crisis is getting bigger on the time and i feel so tired of this… Im only have 29 years old please government help me.

  5. joseph silva says:

    How is life real

  6. war is what America is best at and kicking ass but is terrible of handling the aftermath


  8. Whats that? A socialist policy for drug use based on human rights is working better than a military police approach? Who would have thought that?

    Seriously though, America needs to stop. After 40 years of this, many people have negative behaviors and thoughts against drug use that it seems almost insurmountable to move past. We need to come together and enact solutions that help rather than destroy.

  9. RedStar18 says:

    F U Ronald Reagan

  10. Luke Hero says:

    Well, after discovering and subscribing to your channel two days ago, I have now watched every single one of your videos.
    Thank you Kurzgesagt.

  11. Are you pretending to do a video in Zica virus?
    BTW, as a Brazilian, it's like a flu that kills. Don't get so scared.

  12. TheMrMerudin says:

    I see you Breaking Bad.

  13. What we really need to do is help these people by weaning them off the drugs in rehab, so that the demand drops significantly. We also need to raise awareness of the side effects of drugs and how it can kill you. Once this drops the demand we can finally bust the drug suppliers.

  14. yeah but… I feel like this will never change

  15. Art Smo says:

    Don't worry, Trump will solve this!

  16. aristides s says:

    loved the breaking bad reference <3

  17. Pops says:

    So your claiming now instead of spending taxes on these crack heads to get food and shelter because they're mostly unemployed. We should also now spend it on the drugs directly for them and a safe place to use them?

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