Until recently a naval war between Japan and China was not a serious proposition. As recently as the 1980s, China was a “green water” navy barely capable of protecting its own coastline, let alone projecting naval power several hundred miles away. Japan, on the other hand, had a large force of fully modern destroyers tasked with protecting sea lines of communication out to a thousand miles. As long as it stayed clear of the occasional large antiship cruise missile and volleys of unguided torpedoes, the Japanese navy could easily defeat whatever China threw at it.


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  1. To bad china can't feed all their hungry people.

  2. scott moore says:

    We should give them the mothballed forestall class aircraft carriers and arm them accordingly the Chinese would cry but Japan is our allies!

  3. China is destined to doom..stirring up tension is ECS and SCS.

  4. Tony Fennell says:

    Russia wants a fight but not with the US it's wants a war between US and China so it can pick up the spoils of war, Putin is smart but will not go to the aid of China claiming it has links with Japan. I also believe that at the point of attack India will side with the US and send mass troops pushing on land cutting the hold on wealth.

  5. guys, don't you have nothing to do than thinking of war ? I guess no one of commentators here goes to the front line if the war broke out. Jajaja IDIOTS !!!

  6. Graham Ellis says:

    There will be no winner here just third world war

  7. lol japan played the trump card usa navy shows up and crushes the Chinese navy in days

  8. china has throughout its history run by their northern neighbors, it won't be too long before koreans rule china.

  9. ThomasG10mtn says:

    WORLD WAR III has been ongoing for years already.

  10. Truth Honor says:

    China's strategy is building low quality war machines in high quantities vs Japanese high quality built in limited quantities. obviously China would win but they will not invade Japan because Japan has nothing valuable. the land is out of natural resources.

  11. Johnboy says:

    Hello Japan from America ;o)

  12. China can have the best equipment in thenworld and it wouldnt matter. they cant even operate a car without crashing..imagine an airplane? stereotyoe or not…its very very true. they have small dicks and cant drive.

  13. r3conwoo says:

    dude, you need to get someone to start doing voice overs for your videos, your subs will increase by a lot. I can't stand this artificial voice especially when it starts naming off nomenclatures and other technical facts, it becomes unwatchable and although I'm interested in this topic I have to stop watching at 3:51 I can't take it anymore.

  14. gagamin2 says:

    fuck chinese and japanese. die. both


  16. rich clarke says:

    Until the us steps in

  17. The Japanese beat the Chinese before WW1 . It's a different situation now . Abe should keep his head down .

  18. crazyt1ger08 says:

    China would lose badly, telling them they had any chance of winning might just have them being even more aggressive.

    After all they think they own the whole world……..

  19. Dega Jago says:

    another shit propaganda by US and their allies, everyone know they are too afraid to attack first, pussies!

  20. Genda Minoru says:

    rah rah rah sis boom bah, Chinese cheerleaders amok.

  21. ahchoooo says:

    Historically, China was never an aggressor towards other countries, and never will be. Its only intention is to protect itself from foreign invasion, as did happen repeatedly by Japan and other western countries including the U.S. in the past few hundred years. Even today, Japan still occupies a small piece of China known as the Diaoyu Island and refuses to let go. China is and will be a champion for peace, but if attacked will respond with everything it has. The sleeping dragon is finally awake and ready to defend itself.

  22. Bruce Burns says:

    I think everybody is looking at this new China we are seeing with a few dollars in their pocket and are wondering what all the aggression is all about , why Mr. China ? why don't you just behave in a normal modern civilized manner like Sth Korea , Taiwan , Japan , Philippines , Indonesia , cant we look foreword to the future for once where we all have to worry about a new Nazi Germany threatening and expanding and intimidating everybody with financial penalties if we all don't KOW TOW to the new Master Race of the Universe

  23. balort santa says:

    Time to put China in an ashtray.

  24. shokka3 says:

    fuck the Chinese fucks!!! USA ALL THE WAY!!!

  25. Erol Germann says:

    China should stay home and stop bothering the world with her phony super power show, it is continualy feeding us with …!

  26. Wanda Helmer says:

    China sux, and so does their junk we are stuck buying. Go USA

  27. last week you said China was in big trouble,make up your mind.

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