Will The Illuminati kill Kanye West? (Kanye West Expose NWO)


This time, I tried my best, not to be too late on it.. I spent the last two days on making this video, and I am honestly excited to see what happens. Hopefully he will …


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  1. Truth Spoken says:

    this has gone on long enough!! Why should they kill him and it be ok!!!!!??????????

  2. fuck this bigger he rob my songs over the years and sobatage my music along with is devil coons

  3. of course they will, Satan comes to kill and destroy!!!

  4. Lou Arnold says:

    Read the Holy Bible.

  5. V..GREAT MOVIE…!!!


  7. yes… they are selling their souls to the industry… WHICH is operared by Satan…. thats why we say they sold their souls to the devil…. he is real… just as much as God…. just because we can't see the wind… that doesnt mean it's not There…. but we can feel it…..

  8. Jer Szak says:

    I never gave consideration to him, because I knew the industry he represents.
    As another Gemini male, I can appreciate his mind, or what is buried beneath the pile of garbage heaved on top.
    He is a product of a very sick hidden world, the world of the Sabbatean Frankists.
    Research these people, it goes way back 2000+ years.
    Today they are known as the common jew.

  9. fuck konye weso .. time to pay the piper

  10. then why do they hav,e to sicrify their family,, so it is satanism

  11. So selling your soul to the devil really was a crappy deal huh Kanye West?! He got your soul and even stole those happy meal toys!

    P.S. Jay-Z isn't going to call you Kanye because he don't give a f*** about you.

  12. ceceoo3 says:

    I'm not big on conspiracy theories but even I think someone will do something to him but they will wait a few yrs after all of this dies down so it's not quite so obvious. He said Jay Z has killers and I believe it. He's into some weird stuff and is all buddy buddy with that spirit cooking person… doing witchcraft and evil mess like that so yeah I think they will get him eventually.

  13. Kanye? LOL. Another butt hurt negro that thinks their stank don't stank. Subnormal IQ, irrational behavior – yes – you is a dindu nuffing.

  14. Your not cray dude.

  15. Trump is president elect because the NWO elites want him there. I advise everyone who gives a crap about this country or any country for that matter as the us dollar when it collapses will have devastating effects on the entire globe. In the coming months pay very close attention to the changes Trump makes, in particular look for possible hidden motives that would aid the NWO in their agenda. Every law that is passed that appears to be a good thing for the people will in some way allow them to take some kind of privacy or freedom away inching closer and closer to complete enslavement under the guise of some bullshit need for increased economic or physical threat. Many of the things he has proposed so far indicate a move to enable roundup of people and control the masses access to social media without being id'd. Done under the guise of preventing ISIS from using to recruit new members. Real reason is so while the media is reporting Arab roundups and illegal immigrant deportation they can take other undesirables, bums, other so called worthless eaters on entitlement programs. Most will just be patriots which they will call terrorists and if you take to social media to expose it you will join them. You all probably think im nuts and hope i am. Guess what though Republicans control the house, the senat and presidency so stage is set and we may be on the verge of some major changes in the coming years. God help us all if im right.

  16. Good video. I like your style. Keep doing them JUST like this. Subscribed.

  17. D. Davis says:

    Kanye is a marked man in this life and the after life. He committed the ultimate unforgivable blasphemous act.

  18. Wendy Williams is HORRIBLY…HORRIBLY disgusting! Just think…her ENTIRE life is centered in gossip and negativity and falseness…just like her artificial TITS!! Can't STAND that female!!!

  19. Hej Dave.
    Tak for videoen. Nu må vi se, hvad der sker med stakkels Kanye. Hvis ikke du har set første afsnit af Westworld på HBO, så tjek den ud. De sidste 10-15 min. kunne blive Kanyes skæbne.

  20. jackson7201 says:

    Take him out, TAKE HIM OUT

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