Will World War 3 Be Prevented Because of Global Interdependence? With Parag Khanna


Nine wars have been predicted to erupt since the early 1990s, and all have failed to materialize, says global strategist and CNN analyst, Parag Khanna. That’s a …


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  1. Chris Paling says:

    By any measure we are in the midst of ww3. The conflicts we see are proxy wars. Nuclear weapons are not 'deterrents' to wars and conflict. War has been a constant for the past 100 years since ww1. I completely disagree with everything you say in this video on many levels. To much to go into via a comment on here

  2. honestly the natural pricing mechanisms on the global markets are so skewed that interdependance cannot stop it alterantively a silent ownership takeover will unfold once the true mean is realised. china virtually owns wallmart this video states? well then theres a supply chain china owns and its benefit if money from a country that can print its own bills…does that really seem like interdependany? kinda seems like swapping a house for a pair of shoes that keeps getting more and more worn out. im sorry but interdependany can be exploited just as much as it can do good and unfortunately a silent takover or ww3 is inevitable because i doubt a country will give up its assets in another country if the system was reset

  3. Joakim D says:

    I wish we humans would set aside our differences and work together to create an interstellar empire.

  4. Thank you Captain Obvious!

  5. Barsabus says:

    because we have nukes. we know we will all die if someone tries to start ww3.

  6. 2eelShmeal says:

    Trying to scare us into global governance much?

  7. Joan Alba says:

    They thought global interdependence would stop WW1

  8. The german people had been in support of a second world war because they were immensely in dept from world war 1. That is no reason against war.

  9. Yeah lets do a lot more producing things on one side of the planet and shipping them to the other side at huge environmental costs.. brilliant

  10. Pokey0311 says:

    fuckkkkk that and the TPP

  11. Alex Trusk says:

    wow interesting video i agree. What about you middle east? Cough Cough Hint Hint!

  12. That is dangerously naive to consider to be the solution, even with the message that we should always be scared. Take Russia; Putin knows how this works; he knows that the world is scared of war, so he knows that he can provoke other countries with aggressive actions without being declared war upon.

    This cannot last, though; eventually, something has to give and a country will push it too far. The fact that we have spread out the risks only means that we're sitting on a powderkeg of countries threatening to drop in GDP the second a relationship between economic powerhouses is disrupted by war. The markets would collapse, compounding the fact that we're now at war.

    Wars are fought with and for resources, but in the modern, globalized age, wars will be fought with GDP. A country that removes itself from it's position in the global market is encouraged to finish the war it has as soon as possible from all sides. Which means that nuclear deterrence may at that point no longer be enough to keep them from firing their missiles and vice versa.

    We can only pray that that will not happen or simply enjoy the time we have on this earth while it's not blown to smithereens by that logic.

  13. this is exactly what ive been asking myself..

  14. Outstanding!


  15. Zeron! says:

    the death stare doesn't sit well with me

  16. Brian Bailey says:

    This guys is clearly clueless. Governments don't give a crap about trade before a question of survival. The US is on a one way corse to war with Russia and China and the Pentagon would rather have it sooner then later. All sides see conflict as inevitable therefore it is inevitable.
    We have no more then 5-6 years tops. It could start any day now. GET READY!!!

  17. Maxie Pattie says:

    Ive pondered this before as well…

  18. Danny Brown says:

    Agreed. Globalisation and the movement towards a type 1 civilization and its' interconnectedness has created altruism in a lot of people, and a planetery world is what we should aim for. People only fight so called out groups, were moving towards an homogenous world and it's causing people across the globe to view eachother as in groups, and that's how our civilization willl thrive, not by separtism and cough cough rebuplican mindsets/right wing mindsets….

  19. NeGA TroN says:

    ww3 is going to be the most complicated war ever fought by any group of people not just in terms of, weaponry and technology, but the politics that go into creating it as well. Too bad we cant just add up all the money in the world and redistribute it based on who ever is left after the purge. lmfao Muammar Gaddafi style lmfao

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