Williams-Sonoma Releases Statement Apologizing for Pulling Pressure Cookers


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Yesterday, “Rights Views” reported that the home-goods retailer, Williams-Sonoma pulled pressure cookers from shelves in some of their stores “out of respect” for the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing.

Williams-Sonoma Releases Statement Apologizing for Pulling Pressure Cookers
Convenient kitchenware? or terrorist bomb-making equipment? Screenshot from williams-sonoma.com

In response to this report Pat Connolly, a Williams-Sonoma spokesperson, provided “Right Views” a statement regarding the decision, including an apology to anyone who was offended:

“Pressure cookers are available at all our stores nationwide.

“In the days immediately following the tragic bombings in Boston a local decision was made to remove pressure cookers from the sales floor of the stores near where the bombing occurred. We apologize if we offended anyone by this action.”

Authorities have confirmed that pressure cookers were used by the two men who carried out the attack on the Boston Marathon last Monday that killed three Americans and injured over 200 others.

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  1. 5 War Veteran says:

    OK this was just stupid.

    Do we pull garden tools because they were used in murders?

    Should we pull garden implements just because they were used in ancient uprisings?

    Is this just another stupid sense of a “Kinder and gentler country?”

    Do we pull “bubble gun” because some kid is expelled for suggesting a “bubble gun battle”?

    Where has common sense gone?

    Whay hasn’t Ford pulled all their vehicles because many have been used in hit an run accidents” ? Just wondering?

    OK The company pulled a product that was not defective “out of respect”. Sorry but that is just a lame attempt to garner sales. Is ir also perhaps possible it was to stop perverted collectors of bomb replica’s? You know there are really some sick people out there.

    Just sayin!

    Perhaps this post was totally tasteless on my part, but really? What does this serve?

    How to never be accidentally cut by again: Always cut AWAY from you.

    Common sense.

  2. doesntmatter says:


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