Smart MUZIK provides “ILLUMINATI.” Clever Intelligent’s most current video clip from the critically acclaimed “THE UNCONKABLE DJEZUZ DJONEZ” album – Out there NOW! http://www.wiseintelligent.com

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  1. Kurt Wagner says:

    Discovered this song thanks to Spotify a few months ago, it will never leave my playlist. Thanks WI, good stuff.

  2. sk8erMBT says:

    i just discovered this song. AND ITS DOPE AF!

  3. Wonder if this nigga actually got knowledge of what is REALLY Goin on? OR if he just another paranoid nigga latching on to conspiracy theories as a way to cope with the conditions we live under as blacks on earth (blacks in the US) ? Living in a world with the odds against you . Living in shitty conditions that we born into, didn't have control over how we got here . Know what? ON SOME REAL SHIT THINK BOUT THIS. THE AVERAGE AFRICAN IN THE US (and world ) ARE BORN IN POVERTY (UNDER $65k a year as a house-hold) . Bieng in a community in poverty = high % of violent acts. COMMON SENCE FOR ANY BLACK MALE REALIZES THAT WE R PLACED IN A DISADVANTAGED SITUATION . EVEN OUR OWN ETHNIC BROTHERS ARE OUR BIGGEST ENEMIES ( proven by statistics, BLK on BLK violence, personal life experiences) … There's so many things to be cautious of as Black men, who knows what to believe in?? The shit he says in this song could deff possibly be the truth . Only thing Yu can believe in is reality , yurself and the possibility of living nice if Yu avoid/survive all the devilish traps that come up in life

  4. Zion Sky says:

    All this talk about Illuminati when you understanding nothing of the philosophy or history.

  5. OnkarrSingh says:

    terminator seeds all up in India

  6. OnkarrSingh says:

    Rhodes scholars , bilderberg, council of foreign relations, and so forth read up family

  7. just raw truth… hiphop over the heads and thru the hearts piercing "right justness" without hesitation…

  8. fuck YOU satan and your agenda us believers of christ give praise to the most high fuck you satan! WE PRAISE The King of kings and lord of lords

  9. Ivan Katić says:

    Respect from Europe,Croatia

  10. Soon the economy collapse Great Tribulation after that. Skull and cross bones pirate hats British West Indies company cats we called that Steve Cokely raps Illuminati coming, but I'll be back!!!!

  11. shit confusing nigga dnt know who they are i bet they watch this stuff tho

  12. wright35711 says:

    Man, this right here!!!!! ONNNN POINTTTTT.

  13. Peggy says:

    Man Floyd will do anything to try and make some money. Literally.

  14. Damn this shit is banging

  15. Kal El x9 says:

    Gives me chills every time!

  16. WoW… This is HARD!!!

  17. Dj Weight says:

    I. FINALY!!… FOUND IT! cheaaa!!!

  18. Well that's one thing we agree on. I think they should have too.  Native Indians should have banded together and destroyed the British when they landed.  But they didn't.  The Brits were too powerful at the time.   But at least they turned this continent into a thriving civilization for racists like you to sing your shitty, you heard 'em one you heard 'em all, song stealing, can't land a lucrative recording contract crap rap. Peace out dawg!

  19. fuck new world order!!! respects from Argentina.

  20. Fuck every satanic followers suck on this balls bitches and fuck trump

  21. Ousama Abdu says:

    Wise Intelligent is hands down, without a doubt one of the greatest pure MCs of all time!
    From over 26 years ago to 2016, he has been spitting insanely intricate lyrics while educating at the same time.
    His consistently, def lyricism, cadence not to mention overall stage presence make him easily the most underrated MC in this game.

  22. Ousama Abdu says:

    Wise Intelligent is hands down, without a doubt one of the greatest pure MC of all time!
    From over 26 years ago to 2016, he has been spitting insanely intricate lyrics while educating at the same time.
    His consistently, def lyricism, cadence not to mention overall stage presence make him easily the most underrated MC in this game.

  23. HiddenPalm says:

    Damn its been 5 years. This track is so fucking dope!

  24. Ahmad Green says:

    we all shall be free. love you Brother but they ani't even ready

  25. This shit is so true my fellow patriots had my first confrontation with an illumanati scum recruiter for the free masons found his facebook page it was filled with satonic masses pictures of secret satonic symbols posted it all on my facebook then i inboxed the illumanati scum and told me or my children would never ever bow to satan but i told him i would like to communicate and find out why he sold his soul to the devil i made sure to telp him that me and his beliefs are enemies i pray for johns soul and the others he got to sell there soul we are at war believe me the new world order is getting real close rise up patriots end times are near the rothchilds .bushes.clintons trump all illumanati scum.

  26. dutch master says:

    the have everything! but not my love! too late for change,diffrents faces , same criminals! pharaos never lost power!

  27. Black's if you want compain talk to black noble's they are part illuminati aswell p.s good song.

    From Martin Aaron Waite.
    One of the king of the Anglo-Saxon's (kingdom of
    Mercia), speaker of order of the illuminati, national socialism, English
    traditionalists, independence satanist and 13th degree (free)mason born live's in

  28. og juggalo says:

    How much does Soros pay you to divide people threw music bet you make a nice penny eh….

  29. Derek Grimes says:

    See, the pastor said in church that " something invisible and spiritual precedes things that are physical and visible". His suggestion was to be armored up for the spiritual war that exist between our devotion to God and "wiles" of satan… see Ephesians Chapter 6. As Brother Wise suggest, notice how I can feel comfortable referencing his name as such due to his persona vs his celeb, ok he suggests in his lyrics that we avoid the diversions of illuminiati as related to hip hop figures like Jay Z and K West and their celeb gossip. People they want to give us a big Churches Chicken plate of entertainment to focus on, while we lye in stupor to the fact of real policy that will impact us thus pushing forward their agenda. I'm living in Texas now so I must say Y'all ask what is the agenda? Well learn all you need to learn in between, but the agenda is depopulation. I'm 38 yo and when I was a kid I recall my studies teaching me that the population was 5 billion people in approximately 1987 or such. Now it's 7.5 billion = 50% growth in less than 30 years. These people know that Mother Earth can't sustain at the current human population growth = one of the primary ahendas of the Illuminati to control or depopulate the planet. People of color are the first to sacrifice hence the need to express "Black Lives Matter". But keep in mind my working class caucasian brothers and sisters, they won't spare you either. The sooner we wake up and stand together to fight the "Diversions", and denounce the differences they have created to allow us to be divided, we will play perfect pawns in the master agenda set forth by the invisible and spiritual hands that are here to conquer, kill, and destroy us. Real Talk

  30. Derek Grimes says:

    See, I went to church today and the pastor's sermon was on the spiritual diversion of the enemy, which in faith is satan, the devil, lucifer, or whatever you choose his name to be. I love how Wise presents the diversion in the celeb gossip verse and brings to light the things the enemy (Illuminati and/or Satan) seeps in our lives/culture. We have to be aware of this peeps. The well-being of ourselves and seeds depends on our acknowledgement of this war. If we can't wake up and understand what is going on, specifically on the physical (as opposed to the spiritual) the understanding of depopulation through global political and econmic policies, we will continue to leave that door open to the minority few to institute their will on the global human populatio. As we feed on the propaganda of our human differences, we give the devil the realm to do his will, which is to seek, conquer, and destroy that which was made good by God. Let's educate ourselves in the areas of spirituality that we need to, and also politics/economics. If we are able to become a truly spiritual and educated population, we will be well-suited to confront this beast, if not we will perish. Real Talk

  31. This my Brother one Love Big Brother

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