Woman suffocates in her grave as police try to dig her back up


A 45-year-old Greek woman was buried alive this week in Peraia, a small town south of Thessaloniki in Greece.

Woman suffocates in her grave as police try to dig her back up

A group of children playing near the grave heard the woman banging and shouting and alerted cemetery workers, who quickly tried to dig up the grave.

Tragically, the woman died before her rescuers were able to reach her inside her coffin.

Police are now investigating how the woman was pronounced dead by doctors treating her for cancer, even though she was alive.

A doctor at the scene confirmed that she was alive inside the grave and had suffocated to death while cemetery workers and police were trying to save her.

Dr Chrissi Matsikoudi told Greek TV channel MEGA: “I just don’t believe it. We did several tests including one for heart failure on the body.

“It would have been impossible for someone in a state of rigor mortis to have been shouting and hitting the coffin like that.”

A coroner is now expected to examine the body to try and work out what had happened.

The family of the woman told the TV station that they are considering filing a complaint against the doctors responsible for treating her.

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