Women Try Kylie Jenner’s Beauty Routine • Ladylike


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  1. SereneChaos says:

    I am tired of hearing "Oh poor Kylie" since being famous is hard and looking like that is so hard. NO! She chose to take her family's fame and go this route. She could've gone to college and gotten a degree. And she has the brains to get the fame she currently has so she could've done it. Or she could've gone the same route she is on but not get lip injections and be the stylish trailblazer in ways that aren't so "exhausting".

  2. Evy Lanai says:

    candace looked so good with the blonde hair!!

  3. blondie says:

    This would have been better had they gotten their makeup professionally done ..

  4. Is it sad I own like half of Kylie's etuff already. ?? I Just relaized that… Yaas Slay Saf.

  5. Hannah Tam says:

    Candace as a blonde slays me even more

  6. Candace look SOOOO GOOD. she looked a lot like Kylie

  7. Hailey T says:

    saf looks amazing as always.

  8. I lost it when sophia said kylie created wigs?????

  9. Eli Yu says:

    Kirsten looks like Jessie J

  10. Candance should go bloooonde this summer! ?❤️??

  11. rosa brannan says:

    How can people be so consumed with the life of an 18 year old.

  12. Candice needs to go with that hair color!!!


  14. I think it's not fair because Kristen (Christien?) is clearly not as talented with makeup as the other two (which is all good!) and you gave her the most dramatic look

  15. the girl with the green wig

    kinda looked like Halsey

    idk mahn

  16. LadyPeters says:

    Candice totally should do ombre to blonde tips… so pretty

  17. Savannah D says:

    What's candance's snapchat ?

  18. Did she just say Kylie started wigs ???? #CulturalAppropiation #SMH

  19. They didn't do their eyebrows >:(

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