Woody Harrelson discusses Daniel Ellsberg, and THE MOST DANGEROUS MAN IN AMERICA


2010 ACADEMY AWARD® NOMINEE- BEST DOCUMENTARY FEATURE Now on DVD & on demand: http://firstrunfeatures.com/mostdange… In 1971, Daniel …


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  1. Gary V says:

    What a bunch of "POMPOUS MORONS" our leaders like Obama, Biden, Boehner, Kerry & Hillary Clinton have become! Dems and Republicans are out of touch with REALITY!!!
    How dare they lecture other countries like Russian and China when ours is a mess run by low-life greedy immoral Politicians who are “Lobbyist Bribed” and owned by Gangster Bankers, Criminal Corporations, and Wall Street Fraudsters!!!
    STOP VOTING in Democrats & Republicans & GET RID OF ALL THESE SCUM running America into the dirt!!

  2. Mamny of the comments on this thread is the babbling of MORONS!  How are you goung to have an orderly society of millions of people WITHOUT A GOVERNMENT!!!!  The problems of our government results from the ignorance and apathy of the electorate!!!  That means educating yourself on the issues and PARTICIPAING IN THE DEMOCRATIC PROCESS!!!   Just complaining is no solution to anything!

  3. And to think after all these years…doesn't surprise me to discover that we never had a choice, and that all the presidents are related, with their roots leading all the way back to King George of England. Bad blood, that's a fuckin shame.

    Jack Menendez

  4. CJLAKE123 says:

    Yeah the Gulf of Tonka incident never happened which was our reason for going to war in Vietname.  It's same the bs as to y Teddy Roosevelt supported the attack of the Spanish Armada in 1898.  Claiming that the U.S.S. Maine was attacked by the Spanish fleet when in actuality it's engine malfunctioned and blew.  But false headlines by thoe newspapers stated the 1st reason as to what happened to the U.S.S. Mainike thus causing the U.S.A. to go to war to defeat the spanish and to help transition America as a naval world power only behind Great Britain & France at the time.  Mainly it presented America with the opportunity to defeat a weaker but well-known world naval power to push us ahead just like a football team.

  5. poor world..how cruel these atheist aka zionists aka ashkenazic inheritances

  6. Wise Student says:

    We the people know what is going on with our government in Washington…  The question is , Woody,  what the hell can we the people do about all the corruption !!

  7. trick noon says:

    hey woody im not gay but i love ya

  8. We have auctions not elections

  9. Dean O. says:

    I take everything Woody Harrelson says with a grain of salt.  1 thing about him that all serious, honest, researchers have to know is Woody's father is one of the infamous "TRAMPS" that were arrested in Dealey Plaza on the day of the JFK assassination.  He is now doing life in prison for murdering a judge.  Harrelson's father was a CIA assassin and he IS connected to the JFK assassination because he was one of the so-called Hobo's so you have to beware of Woody's testimony because it could be misinformation at the very least.  

    That kind of puts a twist on the his line in the Oliver Stone movie…  Natural Born Killer when he says "I'm a natural born killer"  You bet your ass.  His father was a professional murderer so art was more then just imitating life when they released that film.  I'm almost certain that is why Oliver stone gave Harrelson that part because Stone knows that Woody's dad was one of the infamous hobo's in Dealey Plaza on November 22 1963.  I would not be surprised to find out that it was his fathers connections that got Woody his break-out role in cheers as well.  It's not something i can prove…  But like I said…  it wouldn't surprise me knowing how these kinds of people operate in the world.  His father may be in prison, but because of his career as a hit man it's not out of the question to wonder if he has made deals in prison that benefited his son Woody on the outside.

    My real point is because of his fathers connection to the "powers that be" it would not be a far stretch to at least consider the possibility that Woody is controlled opposition.
    especially because he never seems to get into any real trouble for speaking out.  

    Look at Charlie Sheen.  He speaks out about 9/11 and the next thing you know he's being attacked from all sides, he seemed to have lost his marbles in every way possible…  AND…  The way the Zionist controlled media went after him for speaking out against the official government lie makes it so obvious to me that he was being punished for talking against the governments BS conspiracy theory.  You know that tired old conspiracy theory that 19 Muslims with box cutters hijacked 3 airliners and flew them into the twin towers and the pentagon.  

    The fact that right after he speaks out he starts to visibly go crazy on what was much more then just a drug fueled crack head binge is actually not lost on me.  It was so convenient for the powers that be.  He talks against the official story and almost over night he goes crazy and makes an ass out of himself for days and days on end, someone steals one of his cars and drives it off a cliff.  If you ask me that was a death threat and it didn't come from some bitter former lover or wife.  It was professional.  

    So when you have Harrelson speaking out against the government yet he doesn't get so much as a bad article written about him in some old rag newspaper you have to think twice about the information he's giving out.  

    With that being said you have to suspect Harrelson of being controlled opposition because 1. his father was a CIA contract assassin…  And 2.  Woody never really suffers any retribution from the powers that be for speaking out against them.  So they must like him talking or they would go after him too.  

    So I say I don't trust Woody because he's too protected from the media if he's really against the government like he says he is.  

    If you really tell the truth in the U.S. they either murder you or they try to destroy your reputation and make people loath you.  

    Woody Harrelson has never had to endure any of that kinda crud, they leave him alone.  

    So his info could very well be controlled by the very people that seek to enslave all Americans the moment they completely destroy the Constitution of the United States.  

    Beware of anything Woody Harrelson says about the government…  His father is one of them and the apple never falls too far from the tree.  Wake up already America 😮  

  10. Tracey Cooke says:

     Matrix fans and they live fans…will love this video!!

  11. reddove09 says:

    Religion has never and will never stop wars. It sure has created some. Compaction, understanding, acceptance, the lack of greed. I see these as much more formidable tools for the task. 

  12. Jeff Clark says:

    What can we personally do? You can't talk to anyone about this and you are labeled a conspiracy theorist and most people don't care so we are basically screwed. I just hope I don't live long enough to see America die.

  13. Im a vietnam vet and I know alot of vets that are still fucked up from that war, and now we have the iraq vets that are coming home messed up, and think of all the civilians that have gone through wars, the children, they are damaged for the rest of their lives, and now the war after war on terrorism, what a joke that is, when is this madness going to stop.

  14. jay Roberge says:

    Total mind control, disinformation, Controlled Opposition purposely designed to inflame the emotion of HATE and hatred towards the so called purpotrators and beneficiaries of the Vietnam Holocaust the American Citizen. This is social Engineering on a massive scale preformed by the very few that happen to reside within that elitist club of NWO entusiasts that we are, by now, all familliar with. Just like the closing of all the factories and the fake, fiat currency and the deceptive economic shell-game called the housing bubble (playing with iur very shelter like a toy) and bank bailouts etc ,,, But this is different, much more insideous and dark. The sorcerers are really beginning to show their hand ,,,, "Getting a little desperate?"
    Thing is we can't be falling for this crap that's merely being pumped straight out of the mainstream sewer pipe of disinfo and then directed to Hollywood to be used for the nation-wide miss-direction and mesmerization of the masses. We are figuring this stuff out at an exponential rate and they are desperate ,,, all the holocaustic vampire, zombi, alien sensationalistic crap they are spreading all over their main weapon of mass instruction has made it blatantly obvious to anyone with a brain bigger than a bug. So keep up the real authentic fight and don't be fooled by these attempts to misdirect from the controlled opposition

  15. IAM P says:

    Woody Harrelson, you are the best. Thank you for being you. You are a hero, too.

  16. Javier Loya says:

    What ever happened to you tricky dick?

  17. I like how Woody claims to be a truther & yet he remains in the brainwashing business known as entertainment. Probably best friends with that other hypocrite, Johnny Depp. Sean Penn & Dave Chapelle are too. It's all about that $$$.  HA!

  18. "war is a racket…" – Smedley Butler

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