World at War 3 (new movie trailer)


World at War 3 (new movie trailer) by cannon fodder media group team vision .


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  1. World at War III – The End of The World

  2. jose perez says:

    ok some of you people are fucking in transformers 3 a aircraft never got hit only in the 2ed movie

  3. xchargex16 says:

    ahahahahah it's transformers 2 >.<

  4. Mini Quách says:

    believe me you didn't wrong

  5. Mini Quách says:

    believe me nocnymaciek didn't wrong 🙂

  6. xchargex16 says:

    huh i know it 😉 i love that trilogy ;D

  7. Wojna by tak nie wyglądała…bo po co są bomby atomowe…

  8. Whats are the movies they us I know one of them is transformers

  9. And the other black hawk down

  10. great job making this

  11. Matt B says:

    Russia would never beat us this badly.. You must be russian

  12. Alex Nunes says:

    alguem pode me dizer o nome desse filme aqui no Brasil

  13. alguem me explixa xomo existe fmais de 100 filmes falando do fim do mundo. e so 1 falando da terceira guerra mundial.. que alem disso o filme foi feito na epoca da uniao sovietica..alguem me explica como pode isso..

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