WORLD AT WAR GUNS IN BLACK OPS 3 ZOMBIES! Call of Duty BO3 World War 2 Mod Gameplay


Absolutely insane CoD BO3 Nach Der Untoten Remastered mod with Call of Duty World at War guns (now updated with Pack-a-Punch & more!) One of my …


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  1. Nathancash45 says:

    why does every thing look like shiny plastic

  2. I really liked waw.

  3. The guy playing as rictofen seemed really annoying

  4. Mateys Games says:

    Can't tell if it's simpler any worse or. Egged and detailed compared to the PS3 wow zombies

  5. John Dayguy says:

    I'm the only one that hates randoms that just join in out of nowhere?

  6. still_guns says:

    I'm surprised the animations work

  7. Baby Pig says:

    this dude must have alot of time on his hands

  8. Russian Apex says:

    Face reveal at 5 million subscribers?

  9. you gotta do high rounds in one of the custom maps

  10. he didn't take the flame thrower

  11. pukebagzone says:

    The name of the colt comes from cod4

  12. Rare Gaming says:

    this custom map is not like the real one …. this one is way bigger ….. check the upstair vs the old one

  13. I played cod 3 it was hard.

  14. Drew Sattler says:

    how to get That's map

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