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  1. Baz Metse says:

    It's a rich mans game no matter how they spin it. The only thing the world bank and the IMF were put in place to do was to take as much of other countries wealth and resources as they could.  

  2. According to the Jewish Torah and the Christian Bible (Ex 22:25)[2], and the Muslim Koran (2:275)[3], charging interest (usury) on a loan is strictly forbidden by God. In the New Testament of the Bible, Christians are specifically instructed to "lend, expecting nothing in return" (Luke 6:34-35). Thus, in Christian doctrine, it is right lend money to those in need but wrong for the lender to seek profit from the loan.
         In the scriptures, repossessing property secured on a loan is also directly against God's commandments, especially when someone's only source of shelter is pawned (Exodus 22:26)[4]. Apparently, God's original intention was that people should lend to each other out of kindness, but not for greed or profit.
    "If you lend money to my people, to the poor among you, you shall not deal with them as a creditor; you shall not ask interest from them."

    – Exodus 22:25 "Those who charge usury are in the same position as those controlled by the devil's influence. This is because they claim that usury is the same as commerce. However, God permits commerce, and prohibits usury."

  3. #IMF  can pay #vatican  for all terrorism 
    and all countries can sue #US   #cia   #germany  and any other countries involved in terrorism against another or person Or their strawman 
    i am sovereign and would like to not be a member of the bank of #SATAN  via Catholic Fake Religion the vatican made, to suit themselves when rome Took over and made Religion From pagan roots, and how #jesuits  formed #illuminati  via the 13 blood lines that have changed their name.  that once controlled the banks, now Bankrupt, so i hope they can pay for it worlds crime #popefrancis  and #Un  is no use with #NATO  countries and the threats against #russia  just think about the mess you all created #NASA  never a straight Answer right i am right ? of course they lie stealing #ETTECHNOLOGY  using it against people with companies such as #google   #Facebook   #Twitter  Backed by #NSA   #GCHQ  and #HAARP   #darpa  weapons of mass destruction technology

  4. Marth Matica says:

    if this is considered an IMF system expose' I understand how exposure of the "problem" is also engineered by the "powers that be" to guide the world to the "solution". These guys can't even figure out the whole nation-state is the "Global South". Ever read Daniel 11:42-43? There you go.

    This is useless except for simple basics and to help prepare people for Global North globalist world government. Looks like that "second arrival" of Christ stuff triggered by such a completed world government abomination may not be that far fetched after all! lol

    There you go!

    World government will present itself just as these guys describe the "solution" to be, because it is the same old story, a myth and the reality. Zeitgeist is doing the same thing, describing just how world government will cloak itself for final presentation to continue to dupe the masses for final processing.

  5. scrollandkey says:

    “Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is the merging of corporate and government power”  – Benito Mussolini

  6. Hello, I organized this informative talk in 2013. The talk was held at the Institute for Policy Studies, a think tank in Washington DC. I organized the talk while I was on the staff at IPS. The speakers are:
    1) Emira Woods, Global Client Principal for Social Impact Programs at ThoughtWorks
    2) John Cavanagh, Director of the Institute for Policy Studies
    I'm Lacy MacAuley, now a Masters of International Service graduate student at American University, Washington DC.
    It seems that this video was pulled off of our livestream at the time of broadcast, and posted by this account, "Robert Whittle." Thanks for sharing!

  7. Bullshit after World War II the IMF was created to make sure no other country would have the ability to control the value of their own currency and thus be unable to create any type of wealth and power that would challenge or exceed the super powers that be

  8. Jason Bourne says:

    International Monetary FRAUD.

  9. Markus g says:

    Do a little more investigating on BIS which calls all the shots.

  10. Damas Ahmed says:

    The trick that IMF is headed by a European and the World Bank by an American was a mere accident, not something the US intended. 
    Truman nominated Dexter for the position, but the FBI said the man is a spy working for the Soviets. In order to resolve the problem, Truman called the British and asked that the Europeans name a president for IMF.

  11. Lucy Alaluf says:

    What? it sounds to me like they are in favor of the IMF, we do not need IMF telling us to trade food trough corporations, we do not need to be control, the 40"s 50's 60's and even the 70's were great, because the government was small, but the IMF controls the corporations and the corporations control the government, they are the ones giving money to have the laws they want. is all bull shit. Pitin decline to participate in the global trade, and the IMF is blocking him from having any kind of trade at all, is bill shit, the tax that IMF get trough UN

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