World Collapse Explained in 3 Minutes *HIGH*



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  1. Laughing as you sink.

  2. If you enjoyed that (and I certainly did), you'll LOVE this one:
    YouTube search for
    China Owns America Video – Citizens Against Government Waste
    (pick the video with the Chinese student shown).

  3. andy765gtr says:

    the end of growth was predicted by SCIENTISTS in the 'limits to growth' 40 years ago. but we believed growth economists lies (19th century psuedo science) instead and squandered precious time and finite resources on further pointless bacterial like growth, and now we are seeing economies falter and its too late to pay for a new type of civilization with the dregs of fossil fuels left. the human meat balloon is teetering on the cliff edge before collapse and we still listen to… economists.

  4. Its all a set up to bring in the NWO one world currency. why bother with the financial rhetoric, theatre politics or media lies, just head straight for the bottom line.
    They want an RFID microchip in your body..!

  5. Hahaha, sad sbj but awesome presentation, lmao ­čśÇ

  6. WeWatchFilms says:

    and how much does the US owe? 14 fucking trillion. really.

  7. FMMAROTO says:

    This guys do not understand what they are saying. The level of public debt of most Europeans countries is completely normal. The debt is not a problem whatsoever for almost all European countries (with the exception of Greece and Ireland) . Spain that has other problems has a debt to GDP better than the average of the European Union.

  8. waswestkan says:

    Here we are four years later. No we aren't in better shape, bit there was no collapse´╗┐

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