World Domination – Part 1 – The New World Order



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  1. GeorgianBHur says:

    You know of course that discussing the New World Order on this media may get you blacklisted

  2. tonyfalca says:

    5:33 what's the name of that green building?

  3. Brilliant video, brother. – What is your email address? I would like to send you a similar video my brothers and I have made. We try and teach people that white genocide is happening and that Jews and blacks are taking over. +1Fireskull

  4. Marie Sharp says:

    I will try and view all your vids. Kenneth Story always has some interesting info as well.

  5. unsupportable racket or 'music' in the background
    Meant to cause anxiety? Fearmongering

  6. i would advise you to view dr steven greer videos and he will expand upon which you have here immensly beyond anything i have ever heard in a very long time god bless all

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