WORLD SUPERPOWER Vladimir Putin’s Russia 2016 (Full Documentary)


WORLD NEWS BREAKING NEWS LIKE SHARE SUBSCRIBE As Vladimir Putin begins his third term as Russian president, we ask if …


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  1. Come to Russia to see what happens…they are educated, hard workers, respectful and proud of they roots.


  3. Russia is a world superpower, it is not to be messed with and I am an American who knows the strength of Russia. I am Oxford educated and studied Cold War.

  4. Pedro Vaz says:

    Al-Jazeera = Qatar = Prostitute nation of Zionists.

  5. Aljazeera, stop kissing US ass!! Little pussy

  6. 3:37 mins in and I automatically see this is bulllllllllllshit!
    Clearly made by jews to brainwash the western sheeps.

    I actually want to laugh. You know what, I will ????.

  7. Putin is the devil – Gog – will attach israel with china

  8. NeonardoDi says:

    Do you talk about democracy,when in Arabia, cut the head.

  9. Yes,  but this time it will be an economic super power.

  10. Russia is a superpower

  11. What you have expecting from Putin? He was a former KGB agent! Russians are a sick nation, who need a big dady! Idiotic, stupid people!

  12. mr. putin, don't please don't fall for oboma's empty stupidity, please wait till trump corrects this.  America loves Russia and admires mr. putin.  please don't nuke the American people…we love you…

  13. What a complete load of a bullshit British narrative is the UK working this chronic Arab at Al-Jezeera with their club feet? Vladimir Putin will stay in power and grow in power beyond his re-election as President of the Russian federation in 2018 mark my words, by which time the BRICS consortium will be the new financial economic centre of power with its eastern pivot and price of crude oil will be in excess of $80 a barrel.

  14. Alex Hudson says:


  15. George Orwel says:

    If Russia is a superpower, how come substance abuse is rife, Russia is running out of children, there are no value added sectors built on technology, and individual labour productivity is so mediocre ?

  16. Hey Canada says:

    …. " If there is one realm in which it is essential to be sublime, it is in wickedness. You spit on a petty thief, but you can't deny a kind of respect for the great criminal " ….. ( Diderot ).

  17. See, yours propaganda is not working no more.

  18. lol you think russia is a superpower hahaha!!!

  19. Beware, Western propaganda against Russia and Putin!

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