World War 0 Pt. 3 – The Dark Side


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  1. Thanks you welcome to the Dark side ?♏️

  2. Where are the cookies?

  3. BlackDub21 says:

    ♍️ >♓️

  4. Reading the final lord of the rings book and I'm up to where frodo and sam enter mordor.

  5. Ane Emelia says:

    Your videos keeps getting better and better! I'm so glad I found you from tumblr☺️

  6. Demi24 TV says:

    does the rising sign not count ?

  7. Thank you for these great videos maan I really like em 🙂 I think I'm a double agent I'm too hungover to look it up right now but I'm sure of it. Lol

  8. diondra01 says:

    The dark side is the best side! My sun is Taurus, rising is Cancer and moon is Virgo. ?????

  9. this refreshes me of many childhood sensations ,

  10. This is the best understanding of the dark side I've heard to date.


  11. I really enjoyed this video, thank you, I resonated with it.

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